April’s PS Plus Line Up Includes Zombi, Dead Star & A Virus Named Tom

A former Wii U exclusive headlines April’s collection of PlayStation Plus games, with the PS4 port of Zombi dropping you into a zombie infested London. It’s joined on PS4 by the top down team-based shooter and RPG blend called Dead Star, confirming the leak from a few weeks ago.


The rest of the Instant Game Collection is as follows:

And you’ll want to be sure to grab any of March’s games that tickle your fancy before they leave the service on April 5th:

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Better than last month. No comparison needed between this and Games for gold. Is zombi any good?

    • Zombi had reasonably good reviews, and I’m mildly interested to the point where I nearly picked it up in one of about 17 sales it’s been in. But it’s a port of a last-gen game, so that’s going to piss some people off.

      Mind you, whatever Sony do it’s going to piss off some people. That’s pretty much inevitable.

      • It wasn’t on the PS3, it was on the Wii U. Only on a technical level could you class it as last gen, its still Nintendo’s current generation console.

  2. Much better than last month, and although i do love top down sc fi shooters did we need another one after last months Galak-Z?

    Savage Moon is really good btw, and I Am Alive aint bad.

    • Savage Moon looks like some sort of Starship Troopers tower defense game. So that’s got my attention.

      Never did finish I Am Alive for some reason, so I might just be prompted to go back and do it.

      • I bought I am alive back then too, but didn’t make it through it either, but it’s unlikely I ever will.

  3. Hmmmmmm looks pretty poor for the PS4 again in my opinion.

    More zombies (how imaginative) and another top down shooter… At least it isn’t another 8-bit style platformer I suppose.

  4. Doesn’t look too bad, but meanwhile I’ve got such a backlog of free games, I’ll never get around even only playing the ones that do interest me.

  5. Zombi and I Am Alive, games I bought with every intention of playing. I have not touched either. I really need to stop doing this!

  6. Looking forward to Zombi quite a lot!

  7. That’s pretty good for PS4, and not as disastrous as it could have been. The rest is a bit naff though.

  8. Not as bad as last month. Getting nothing this month would have been better than last month. The past few months even.

  9. It’s a fair bit better than last month. I’ve contemplated buying Zombi in the sales a few times. I’m glad I pulled out of buying it now. Let’s just hope it gets better from now on.

  10. Zombi is a pretty decent game. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played so far. This month’s games is an improvement.

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