Permadeath Will Be One Feature In Far Cry Primal’s Upcoming Survival Mode

Ubisoft has announced that Far Cry Primal will be getting a free Survival mode on April 12th, and it will be released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This new mode will allow players to activate a permadeath option regardless of game difficulty, so if you die its game over. There is a back up mode with two lives, with one life getting replenished at certain points should you lose it. A stamina gauge can be turned on too, and as that drops so does Takkar’s strength and speed. The only way to recover is to sleep.

The minimap is removed in Survivor mode while the fog of war will be increased. There will be fewer humans and animals about, so getting materials to craft items will take longer. Fast travel will consume both stamina and food, so use it sparingly. Takkar will feel the cold more making him more dependant on fire. Death from above tools have been stripped back as well. Ammo crafting will consume a little time instead of being instant. Takkar’s Hunter vision is improved to counter the longer nights.


Tamed beasts will be less powerful and the most powerful creatures will be harder to tame. They’ll also only have one life so if they die that’s it. That includes the rare animals which you will not be able to find again. Four new Ubisoft challenges will added and those who playthrough on the hardest difficulty with permadeath active will receive a reward, though that remains a secret.

Source: Ubisoft


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  1. Followed by plenty of PS4s and X1s being thrown out the windows because of eagles attacking you constantly.

    Or did they not copy that part from FC4 over to Primal?

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