You Can Play A Little Bit Of TimeSplitters 2 In Homefront: The Revolution

Tucked into a corner of Homefront: The Revolution’s dystopian take on Philadelphia, there is an arcade machine. In a nice little easter egg for long term fans of Dambuster Studios’ previous incarnation as Free Radical Design, you can jump in and play a few levels of TimeSplitter 2.

Now, don’t expect to see a new TimeSplitters game made by Dambuster any time soon. It was confirmed to Videogamer that Crytek still own the rights to the TimeSplitters IP, from when Dambuster were Crytek UK, and this arcade machine will only let you play the ‘Siberia’ and ‘Chicago’ levels.

There’s a new trailer for Homefront: The Revolution today, and the embargo has also just lifted on our impressions from the game’s single player game. Homefront: The Revolution is out in the EU on May 20th for PS4, XBO and PC.

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  1. Screw that! Release Timesplitters on PSN,XBL and if it’s not already, Steam and GOG! Will be rather amusing and ironic if it turns out TS2 is better then this. What?

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