PlayStation 4’s Firmware 3.50 Update Rolls Out Tomorrow

Sony has confirmed that tomorrow firmware 3.50 for PS4 will be available to download, bringing with it some new features. The majority of the new features relate to the social side of gaming, but perhaps the biggest addition is remote play on PC and Mac. There will be a tool to download for that tomorrow after 3.50 goes live.

The full list of features is as follows.

  • Profile tab will have Online Status so you can appear offline.
  • Friend Online notification option to be added. Have to select friends manually and confirm to be notified when online by pressing options on their profile.
  • User Created Events will allow you to schedule gaming sessions. Invite friends and when the time rolls round players will be automatically put in a party together. Events can be shared in communities.
  • PC/Mac Remote play will be supported on Windows 8.1, Windows 10 onwards, Mac OSX 10.10 & Mac OSX 10.11. Resolution options are 360p, 540p, 720p. Framerate can be adjusted between 30fps and 60fps. DS4 can be used via USB.

Source: PS Blog



  1. I’ve had no problems over the last couple of weeks with the beta, everything working as it should.

  2. No problems here with the beta either.
    There’s a few other small changes as well as that list.. not sure if the NDA still holds so..
    Communities might be easier to find..
    You can take another photo without having to wait for a certain icon to disappear..
    Also browser bookmarks.. sorted, possibly.

    • Oh and you know those lovely/creepy photos of “People you may know” suggestions that keep popping up in the What’s New… Just click on that pane then use option button to delete any or all suggestions.

  3. User created events will be handy but mostly in looking forward to remote play! Nice of them to specify which OS’s will be compatible on the blog, but has anyone seen any requirements for the app? If it’ll run on my 1GB Linx tablet I’ll be a happy man.

    • I rarely get a brilliant experience using it on a Z3, running a quad core 2.5Ghz and 3GB RAM. I don’t hold out much hope for anything under 2GB.

  4. Really like this update, from the beta anyway. Lots of handy refinements.

  5. Remote play looks good, DS4 via USB is good. I might actually use it if its any good.

  6. That does seem weird, although I’d bet it’ll work with 7, just tried it and the installer is an old school exe. It didn’t like my tablet being in portrait mode, threw up an error about minimum resolutions and quit. I tried again in landscape and it installed fine, it’s not very smart so if there is some sort of OS restriction I reckon it’ll be beaten fairly soon :)

  7. I don’t have a windows 7 test machine available but the installer is fairly standard. Just create a directory called sony on your c: drive and run: RemotePlayInstaller.exe /extract:c:\sony
    You’ll now be able to manipulate the MSI that is used for installing. If there are any conditions of properties that withhold your from installing on win7 you can remove them now. Let me know if it runs on windows 7, if not I might be able to patch the installer.

  8. It’s likely to be a driver issue. 8.1 and 10 use a newer model. 7 uses legacy Vista model. The software might run but will be pretty useless.

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