PS4 Firmware 3.50 Has Some Extra Features

Reddit users have discovered that the latest system update for PlayStation 4 includes a couple of hidden features not listed by Sony. You can set party member limit now, from two to eight people, and there is a new search feature on games which lets you locate live streams more quickly.

The USB music player, which vanished a while back, has now returned and most importantly the PlayStation 4 now seems to support 4TB drives correctly.


You can also disable the screenshot on-screen notification so it doesn’t pop up but you will still hear the screen shot sound.

Source: Reddit


  1. Woah, I’d like some 4TB action.

  2. Nice, I quite liked the USB music player and haven’t been getting on so well with Spotify, good news there.

  3. This is good news, although I think people have used 4tb drives before because I’ve heard of folks modifying their PS4s HDD tray to fit them.

    • I think the support is on the software side, as before the PS4 wouldn’t recognise the full amount?

  4. The Trophy notification has been tweaked, it now takes a screenshot at the exact time it’s unlocked instead of when the notification is displayed.
    The network test now shows the correct up/download speeds – there was a small bug that would sometimes display the wrong speeds.

    • That might lead to less Terrible Trophy Screenshots if there’s not a delay that always seems to lead to the notification popping up on a blank screen.

      • It’ll be nice to get a screen that’s related to the trophy instead of the blank screenshots or ones that have nothing to do with it.

  5. Not too far away from filling the lil’ 500 gigger now so might check out some pricings on these megaterra beasts.

    • Definitely worth grabbing a cheap 64GB USB stick too, backing up all settings and saves along with the game you’re playing and it’s patches will get you up and running again super fast :)

    • Good call ron, I’ll be sure to add one of those to the basket before stomping off to checkout.
      Think I’ll get a 2TB Samsung HDD accompanied by a 64GB USB 3.0 stick, which should retail around 80’ish quid.
      A year and a half in next gen for me, and with the 500GB almost spent, a 2TB upgrade kit should see me just fine for a handsome few years ;)

    • I had a 1TB Samsung Hybrid and found it noisy in the PS4, managed to return it and got a Seagate Hybrid 1TB which is fantastic. Just in case it’s a Samsung niggle you should see if you can find a PS4 specific review for the one you’ve picked before you buy.

    • And yeah 2TB should last you the generation I think, there’s only so many 50GB install games a person can buy in seven years :)

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