Communtiy Chronicle: 10/04/16

It’s been a long week for me, with both the BAFTAs to cover and trying to see as many games at Rezzed as I could, even with the complete clusterfrak that was the rail network on Friday morning. It’s a good thing that Kris was there as well, so we’ll have plenty to chat about and preview over the next week or so, including some good time with the PlayStation VR.


Sticking with this line of thought, while I was busy asking celbrities and developers silly questions, the BAFTAs themselves were handing out awards left, right and centre, with plenty of recognition for Her Story and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture.

MrYd said, “Good to see EGttR win for it’s music, which is completely deserved, although AC Syndicate would have been an acceptable option too.” Similarly, Temascos wrote, “Glad to see Bloodborne and Until Dawn get some credit, it seems like a pretty solid list overall.”

The surprise winner of Fallout 4 was a joy for some, with JustTaylorNow saying, “So good not to see The Witcher 3 there, I just can’t stand the overrated surrounding it.” On the other hand, many feel the same about Fallout 4, with hornet1990 replying, “Strange. After playing the Witcher 3 and despite its many faults, I now have similar feelings about Fallout 4! I don’t think I’ve been so hyped for a game and more disappointed than I am with Fallout 4.”

How did you feel about the winners at the BAFTAs?

Leaked footage from Mass Effect Andromeda had fans of the series in a bit of a spin, as it shows off a number of gameplay features and revealed the return of the Krogans to the game.

The Lone Steven was a bit sceptical of this though, saying, “Either it’s a “leak” and this is part of Bioware’s slow burn marketing until they have put together a big trailer or someone made a mistake.”

Beeje13, meanwhile, was just surprised to learn that the game had been delayed to 2017. On the plus side, “that now nicely allows a remastered trilogy to release this year, a la Uncharted:NDC before Uncharted 4, and Halo:MCC before Halo 5.” Would that be something to interest you?

Meanwhile, ever appreciative of the small details, hazelam spotted that “Even in another galaxy there are explosive barrels?”

HTC and Harrods have partnered up to get a demo area for the Vive VR system into the hands of the moderately wealthy, ludicrously rich and famous, as they wander around the upscale department store.

This fits right in with TSBonyman’s weekend plans anyway, as he said, “I shall drop Tarquin and Persephone off at the velvet play area and watch my butler try out the common… I mean commercial model, before ordering a unique 24k gold-plated, ruby-inlaid model for moi.”

Beeje13 brings us full circle, as he noted that he “had an email from PlayStation the other day, about trying PS VR. Turns out it’s only at EGX Rezzed. They want to get a unit into every GAME store, Supermarket, shopping centre that they can.”

Camdaz “Got the same email, it’s just 270 miles away. May pop in during my lunch hour… sorry, lunch day!”

Funnily enough, that’s where I played the PS VR this past week.


R1MJAW has been sinking plenty more time into TrackMania Turbo, getting his 151st gold medal as well as reminding someone called “Ted” that he got the trophy for 50 TrackMaster medals.

Youles has had a nightmare with BT’s internet this past week, but has put his gaming time to good use to play Minecraft with his eldest son, as well as bumbling his way into the Driveclub platinum, after getting an unexpected trophy that put him in touching distance of his 102nd platinum.

Beyond that, it’s largely been plugging away at games both new and old. Both hornet1990 and Andrewww complained about The Division getting a bit more difficult – sounds like they should be teaming up! – while TSA newcomer Axor Tei has determined to finally finish Dead Space, after getting from Games with Gold.

Crazy_Del’s been pulled in several different directions, trying to play TrackMania, Dirt Rally, Quantum Break and Gears of War all at the same time, while Carrot381‘s been sinking tons of time into Gran Turismo 6. Ron_mcphatty has the right idea, though, getting his 11 and 7 year old nephews to play TrackMania’s Double Driver mode for him…

Once again, there’s no trophy leaderboard updates this week, so we’ll finish things off today with the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. See you in next week!

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  1. I’m not sure who had their nephews double-drive in Trackmania but it wasn’t me! :)

    I’m looking forward to your PSVR impressions though, and i’m wondering how using the Move controllers compares to using the Vive controllers.

    • Oh it was me, it was me! I was just so amazed that after a day of being at each other’s throats that they loved playing together! It was like Pacific Rim, but in cars. And better.

      • Sounds like you had quite a day.. glad it ended well ;)

      • Haha. Oops.

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