Latest Alienation Trailer Introduces The Bio-Specialist, Tank, And The Saboteur

Housemarque has taken to introducing the classes that players will be able to choose between in Alienation by showing them in action in a new trailer. The three UNX soldier types are the Bio-Specialist, the Tank, and the Saboteur, with each having their own advantages in battle that can complement a team or going solo against the hordes of aliens.


The Bio-Specialist is a support class that can heal other players as well as lay out traps that cause lasting damage to enemies. The Tank is the most powerful character who is best played as the front line assault,blasting Xenos away with whatever weapon is available. The Saboteur can go invisible and use a sword to cut through enemy lines, and has the ability to call in airstrikes.

Alienation will release April 26th on PS4.

Source: PS Blog


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