What We Played #249 Vainglory, Banner Saga 2 and Ratchet & Clank

It was 17°c this week! That’s practically tropical up North! While I did indulge in some outdoor activities in the sunshine the cold wind and rain soon swept back in to ensure that much gaming was achieved. There’s some fantastic looking games lurking on the horizon, from Uncharted 4 through to Fire Emblem Fates, but right now it feels a little lean which has meant delving back into the pile of shame and trying out a few games I missed the first time around.

Primary amongst the games that I’d missed was iOS MOBA Vainglory, which I’ve found myself playing at 1:30am in the morning, much to the chagrin of my wife. Given that I’m not a PC gamer, MOBAs have up to now passed me by, but with entries that you can play on your iPad, and console games hoovering up various MOBA mechanics, it seems like this year is set to be the one that drags me into the fray.


I love the tactical team play, and alongside Vainglory I’ve been playing a great deal of Paragon during its early access. I obviously can’t say how it’s third-person action benefits or limits the MOBA action, but it’s thus far a fantastic experience that I’m enjoying immensely.  I’ve also returned to Witcher 3, though I think I’m just going to have to start again from the beginning as I’ve completely forgotten how to play it, what I was doing, and what the story is! Finally I’ve started Star Fox Zero, with a review set to arrive next week, as well as Star Fox Guard, a unique tower defence games where you’re pitted against some wascally wobots!

Tuffcub was the first to chime in, and again the gym’s torturous pleasures have been central to his week, and which is now clearly classed as a game. He’s also been playing Cubase, did a raid in Destiny and utterly adored Ratchet & Clank awarding it a coveted 10 out of 10!

Out and about, Kris was at Rezzed this week, checking out an array of new indie offerings with particular highlights The Turing Test, Seraph, Strength of the Sword Ultimate and Tokyo 42 standing out. Beyond that he’s also playing the Train Valley German DLC, which has surprised him by being very different to the main game. One level is set during World War 1, and you find the track is bombed! I imagine that makes it quite hard to make the trains run on time…


Miguel has been playing two of the most opposite games possible, with Banner Saga 2 facing off against Battleborn, while Aran got to play The Collider 2 in VR as well as making a start on Wolfenstein The Old Blood. Sounds good!

Adam meanwhile has finished Telltale’s The Walking Dead, getting a pretty rare ending to boot, though now he’s started wondering if he made the right choice… guess he’ll just have to play it again! Besides that it’s been Battleborn, which is concise review of the beta states that it is “pish”. That good huh?

Dave’s been a game playing writing machine this week, with more Dark Souls III after his review, Yo-Kai Watch for a review in the not too distant future, and Eisenhorn: Xenos for a…. preview. Well, I guess I’ve just lost the match-3 TSA article pool!

There’s been a bit of jet setting for Tef this week, who visited Boss Key Productions and Cliff Bleszinski to see how LawBreakers is shaping up. You can expect to see, read and hear all about that next week.

But now you have to tell us what you’ve played! Well… you don’t have to, but it’d be nice. Oooh go on. Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on…




  1. A few rounds of PGA Tour with Pixel and Forrest.
    Mostly though I have been playing Enter the Gungeon. I’ve easily put in over 30 hours so far and although it is pretty damn hard it is also bloody good fun.
    Just finished off the red series in Trackmania, so that’s me up to 160 gold medals with just the black series left to do … I have only tried the first track so far and it is very nasty.
    Picked up Dirt Rally but I’ve only done a few stages so far as I’ve been too busy playing Enter the Gungeon.

  2. More GT6 for me and still really enjoying it. Also grabbed PvZ GW2 in the deal of the week. The new chatacters are really good on the whole (not sure about the usefulness of Rose’s goat ability) and just like the first one it’s brilliant unadulterated fun. Highly recommended.

  3. Dark Souls took over my life of late thus dark souling a lot. Then realising that I kept messing up the build and restarting so much that it’s kinda gotten a bit naff for me.

    So, i went to Demon Souls and man, it is a bit odd not having a jumping attack and kick attack but that is what happens when Dark Souls improves on Demon Souls’s forumula.

    Also, tonight, i am playing real life cooking. I’ve heard it’s all the rage and the fish content is worth it. Do hope they’ve patched out the swearing cook that burns down half the country when he messes up the meal. :P

  4. Just a bit of Battlefield 4 for me this week.
    Doom beta is downloaded and ready to go, so hopefully I get a couple of hours in this evening.

  5. I’ve been finding it difficult to settle on anything since Book of Unwritten Tales 2, switched from MGS PP to Just Cause 3, which is good-looking and bomastic fun but gawrsh the JC games always feel like they are half a generation behind where they could be. Driving , combat and the map system could all do with some improvement. And sometimes i would like to be able to just run instead of grappling along the road.
    I’ll stick with it for another while but i’m thinking about going back to finish Fallout 4.
    I tried that Shutshimi,” I’ll quit when i die” i said, but ended up playing for longer because the insidious filth just plops you into another ‘level’ each time you die. Finally broke free from the nightmare after about 20 ‘levels’.
    Then i had a go at Seb Loe Mexico demo, which was fine and would probably be the rally game i would go for if Dirt Rally hadn’t crossed over to console. Mind you, i might return to it gladly if Dirt Rally proves too challenging..
    And picking away at some of the DLC tours in Driveclub while the Lambos are earning double-fame. Got a photo which turned out kinda cool too, i’ll post it on thesixthaxis community wall.

  6. Just The Division, again! Completed the main story missions and just mopping up the remaining encounters and collectables. Most annoying though I have two glitched echoes; one says it is collected but won’t disappear from the map, the other won’t let me collect it to begin with.

    • Aha! Looks like server reset they just did fixed it because I’ve just been able to get that echo as the last collectable, woohoo! Other than finishing off the main missions on hard the only thing left to do now is the dark zone…

    • I’ve got the same with some echos, they stay on the map, but still registered and I’ve got the trophy for collecting all if them.

  7. Just PGA golf with Forrest and R1MJAW on monday night,Tuesday night and Wednesday was meant to be The Division with Forrest Toutski and Zerka but due to circumstances we only managed the Wednesday,Thursday was more PGA with R1MJAW and Forrest and rest of week has been dabbles on Dirt Rally,Enter the Gungeon and Destiny.

    • Everybody’s Golf should release soon on current gen which’ll knock that tired PGA golf series out of the water….. “who’s just won a big tournament?, oh yeah we’ll use his name for the game title, change a few graphics and release” lame.
      No offence lads, it’s one reason why I stopped playing the PGA series moons ago and look forward to EG releases instead ;)

      I’ve dabbled with the Wolfensteins old and new, very impressive overall :P

  8. I’ve been playing a bit of Transistor on my phone. It’s excellent but I’ve got a nagging feeling that I should be playing on the PS4 instead. Some Driveclub too, smashing some challenges I’ve been sent from guys at work, then loading up a coupl of TSA challenges and watching in awe as Blast71’s ghost zooms into the distance!

    • I’m haunting you WOOO!


      • Is that a Ghost WOOO or a Ric Flair WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! if it’s a Ric Flair WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You need to be chopping fools!

        *chops Blast across the chest* WOOOO!

      • It’s a ghost WOOO not WWF, just call me Casper. (or Patrick swayze if it’s romance your after) ;)

      • That’s disappointing. Always wanted to see someone suplex a ghost. But i guess i’ll have to accept Sabin suplexing a Doom Train for the time being.

      • I’d say Blast71 is a complete petrolhead, and wants us to feel miserable by sending us impossible challenges… ;o)

    • I know exactly how you feel, I’m trying to catch up with him too, only ever to see hin from far behind…

    • Shall we consider a self-help group ‘The Blast71 haunted anonymous’..? ;o)

  9. Played mostly The Division, missions on hard, collecting all remaining Intel, some daily assignments, and some trips to the dark zone.
    And,of course, I still struggle with gear and weapon stats, which sometimes is confusing as hell. But the game is still very good co-op fun. We’ve just tried the incursion and didn’t manage even the very first wave, the four of us… So, I’m still looking for that new and shiny sniper rifle, which I’d need to replace the blue one I use as my primary weapon.
    Besides that, some Driveclub.

  10. its been only salt and sanctuary for me. finally complete.

    laughed at ending message it gave me: “now for dark souls”. shameless.

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