Community Chronicle: 17/04/16

I’m really struggling to keep tabs on the Formula One championship this year, whether it’s through fatigue from the dull predictability of last year, the struggle to set enough alarms to wake me before 7AM on a Sunday, or simply being a little bit busy. It sounds like today’s race was a cracker, though, so I’ll have to content myself with catching the highlights on Channel 4 in a little bit (though I already looked up the result).


It’s easy to get a little down in the dumps with the steady stream of bad news in the industry, but this week saw Codemasters announce that they were to rescue the team from Evolution Studios and give them a new home alongside their other racing teams. Once they set up shop and decide on a new name, they’ll be getting to work on a new IP.

Temascos said, “That’s bloody fantastic news. Codemasters are the big racing publisher so they’ll be a good fit there. It’s a shame that Driveclub is unlikely to get any more big updates, but for the sake of the careers of the people there it’s brilliant.”

And bunimomike replied, “Couldn’t agree more. Talk about a theoretical match made in heaven. The pedigree of both should put the “new” Evo team in the best position possible going forward.”

“A new IP sounds very interesting,” Avenger said, “though I’d personally like to see them try their hand at an F1 game because I think they could ace it.”

Sadly for Avenger’s pipedream, Codies already have an F1 team, who are presumably working hard on F1 2016…

Virtual reality gaming might be seen as the next big thing – or at least try to pitch itself as such – but the launches of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are not going too smoothly, with delays for some of those who preordered the Oculus Rift thanks to a component shortage. You might have expected to receive a headset in April, only to now get an email notifying you that it won’t appear until June at the earliest…

“Kinda defeats the point of preordering,” Starman said, “if they’re not allocating you a unit that they actually have.”

While Severn2j wrote that “The Vive launch wasn’t any better. My own preorder was cancelled because HTC forgot to add the security code when charging my bank and triggered a fraud alert. Their so-called solution was for me to give them remote access to my PC. Hells no, was my reply.”

And bunimomike added, “I wish all of the VR launches the best of luck. You have a hilariously difficult challenge making them a success in any real sense of the word.”

On the other hand, things are looking good for PlayStation VR, which has topped brand awareness polls for the nascent market.

“I reckon the biggest issue with Oculus and Vive, apart from the cost, is the spec of the PC required to run these HMD’s,” Camdaz wrote. “A problem Sony doesn’t have.”

Mclarenrob2 said, “They need to come out all guns blazing with content at E3. Star Wars, GT Sport, and some unannounced games hopefully!”


R1MJAW let on just how much time he spends playing games, having sunk over 30 hours into Enter the Gungeon this past week. He still managed to clear the red series in TrackMania Turbo though, with just the black series left to go.

Hornet1990 has finished off the main story missions in The Division, with just the last few encounters and collectables to collect, and just in time for the game’s update and expansion. Andrewww’s been pottering about in New York City as well, but couldn’t make any headway into the incursion at all.

Blast71‘s ghost – may he rest in peace* – has been haunting ron_mcphatty, who’s been trying to clear up some challenges on Driveclub. Most of the digital petrol heads on the site have been crashing through the rally stages of Dirt Rally, though, with Crazy_Del blazing to the Professional difficulty tier on rallies, the Elite tier for Rallycross and having won th FIA World Rallycross Championship.

*Don’t worry, Blast’s still alive.

Once again, there’s no trophy leaderboard updates this week, so we’ll finish things off today with the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. See you in next week!

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  1. Shocking and sad news about Housemarque’s Art lead on Alienation, Antti Kallioinen, passing away at the young age of 42. Thoughts to his family, friends and colleagues.

  2. Same here with the F1 Tef, just completed an eight night shift rota and slept right through Saturday and into Sunday so missed/unaware of the race…also checked the result online.

    Pro’s: Healthy bank account
    Con’s: No life, miss F1 early races :(

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