The Last Blade 2 Makes Its Way To PS4 And Vita On May 24th

SNK Playmore has announced that it is bringing The Last Blade 2 to PS4 and Vita, with the release date set as May 24th. The Last Blade 2 originally release in arcades in 1998 before making its move to the Neo Geo in 1999. After that the game appeared both on the Dreamcast and the Wii Virtual Console. The latest release will not just be a straight port to Sony’s consoles.

The Last Blade 2 will feature both local and online multiplayer, including cross platform play between PS4 and Vita. That’s in addition to the cross buy and cross save function. There are also 18 fighters in this roster where the original had 12. If you purchase the game you will get a theme for both PS4 and Vita too.

Source: US PS Blog