The Technomancer Releases June 21st, New Gameplay Trailer Unveiled

Spiders Studio has announced that its RPG set on Mars, The Technomancer, will release on June 21st for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The studio has accompanied the release date news with a new trailer that goes into depth regarding the game’s combat system, crafting, and companions. You’ll be able to customise your Technomancer, a member of the best security force on Mars that can wield electricity, and decide on what kind of combat style suits them.


You won’t be locked into one particular path though as you can experiment with the stances. These stances allow you to either equip a staff that can hit several enemies at once, a mace and shield to get up close while defending, or the blade and gun so you can fire on enemies then run in close for the kill. You’ll be able to use your electrical powers to imbue weapons with extra power too, like electrifying the staff to deal additional damage. Armour crafting will be an essential part of the game to deal with some of the tougher foes, and experience points will allow you to improve the characters stats and abilities.

Spiders state that The Technomancer will have up to 40 hours worth of quests, and that each can be completed in multiple ways from running and gunning to stealthier approaches. There will be a group of companions coming along with The Technomancer with your relationship with each relying on the choices made. Go against someone too often and they’ll leave the group, with the decisions having an impact on the overall plot.

Source: PS Blog


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  1. Never seen this before, doesn’t look too bad. Is this single player only?

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