Umbrella Corps Gets A New Trailer

Capcom have released a new trailer for Umbrella Corps, the multiplayer shooter spin off set in the Resident Evil universe. This one shows off a new map set in a snowy base, and a new enemy to fight.

The Antarctic Base, set within an Umbrella research facility, was never repaired after the deadly T-virus incident witnessed in Resident Evil Code: Veronica and has now become your battle grounds against other players!

But be warned! Further mutations have taken place in the frozen lab…

Umbrella Corps will be launching on June 21st on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: YouTube


  1. Just me or is the player movement terrible in that trailer? They seem to glide a bit at times.

    Not a game I’m ever going to play, looks very dull. Actually, if this was given away on Plus, I’d go as far as saying I wouldn’t even bother adding it to my library.

    • the floor must be slippery because of the ice?
      but yes the character did glide quite a bit..

  2. This makes me want a full-scale remake of Code Veronica, not whatever this is. It just seems so redundant as a game when Capcom should focus their energies elsewhere.

  3. Oh right, this is still a thing.

    If anyone needs me, i’ll be getting drunk and playing Resident Evils 1,2 and 5(only own them, do own six but feck six!) whilst crying at the state of the franchise and slowly degrading into a Tyrant.

    Which, makes for a better film then…. no, i’m not going there.

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