Are Watch Dogs And Tetris Next Months PlayStation Plus Games?

A German gamer has posted a screenshot on Reddit that seems to indicate that Watch Dogs and Tetris Ultimate will be the next games to grace PlayStation Plus for PS4.



Ubisoft games have appeared on PS+ before and the inclusion of the older game would increase interest in the sequel which we expect to be revealed at E3. It would also be the first time a AAA full price game has graced the PS4 section of PS+ since Injustice: Gods Among Us, which back in December 2014.

Source: Reddit



  1. I’d happily give Watch Dogs another shot if this is true.

  2. Isn’t Tetris supposed to be horribly broken?

    Watch Dogs is lots of fun though.

    But 2 games from Ubisoft? And the 2 images aren’t even lined up properly? Looks a bit suspect to me.

    • Hmm yeah good point, although the Watch Dogs could be dipped because it’s in focus the wonky ‘Mai’ Is very odd. They would be good games though, did we get the Watch Dogs DLC as a freebie last year? If so I would’ve added it to my account but never played it, could be a nice surprise :)

  3. If they are at least I’ll download them and give them a try, which is more than I’ve bothered doing with the last few offerings.

    • Watch_Dogs is worth a bash. Not something I’d want to play again, but worth a mess about to try out, and the online would be quite active if it were a Plus game and there’s some fun to be had there.

    • We had Dead Star this month, which I’ve been enjoying a lot. Especially now people have got the hang of how to play it. Except that all went wrong when I finally witnessed one of the capital ships. 2 teams fighting and then a 3rd team invades? 50% more chaos, and about 3 times the fun.

  4. I would take Watch_Dogs and run.

    • If Watch Dogs 2 is stolen, we know who to look for. :P

  5. Tetris, wasn’t it that Ubisoft game that they somehow managed to cock up. It’s Tetris, i would imagine the sheer amount of effort to cock it up would outweigh the sheer amount of effort to do it right. Seriously, how can one mess up Tetris? How?

    Then again, this is Ubisoft and oh no, i’ve clipped through the floor and my skin has disappapppppppeppaprpe *Crashes*

    • crtl alt del.
      ctrl alt del.

      alt tab, alt tab.

      nothing’s working, try turning it off and on again.

      • It’s got no powah, captain, she cannea work due to shoddy coding!

        And it’s also possesssed by a demon. Sod Konami. Somehow.

  6. Oh no..! I bought Watch Dogs a while ago and never got round playing it… :o(
    Would be one more reason never ever to buy any game again I don’t intend playing straight away.

  7. I played Watch Dogs and enjoyed it alot, despite not living up to the hype ( and the original trailer ;) )

    This is a great line up, finally!

  8. well, Watch Dogs is a decent game, if i didn’t already own it i’d be glad to be getting it.

    but Tetris, from ubisoft?
    hell no.
    as many have said, “how do you fuck up Tetris?”
    well, ubisoft managed it.
    the 27 year old Gameboy version is far superior to what ubisoft could manage on the PS4.
    if you want to play Tetris, the Gameboy version is pretty much the definitive version.

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