Podcast: Episode 218 – Ben & Ed, Train Valley & The End of the Podcast

It’s time for a change regarding the podcast. Unfortunately, Kev has decided to leave the show, leaving me as the sole regular host. As I doubt you want to hear me talking to myself all that much, the podcast is going on a brief hiatus while I work out what’s next.

It’s not actually the end of the show though, just a bit of a break. The podcast will be back in the near future, but it may be in a different format, or with a different focus. I might even try out a few different ideas. If you’ve got any thoughts on what you’d like to see on podcast 2.0, then please let me know!

As for this week’s episode, Kev and I were joined by my brother Carl. He brought with him his thoughts on the game Ben and Ed, as well as a desire to promote his recently renamed YouTube channel.

Kev, as a parting gift, brought thoughts on two game with him. First was Telepaint, an iOS puzzler with an interesting presentational style. He followed that up by sharing his experiences of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, a game that you can probably take a stab at the specifics of from the title.

Finally, I shared my view on the new German Trains DLC for Train Valleys, one of the game’s I’ve become fairly addicted to in the last six months or so. There is, of course, a round-up of the news, and the answers to listener questions.

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  1. This is a sad day.

  2. Sad times Kris, I’ve only been listening about a year but I’ve really enjoyed the banter and games chat. Getting old and having kids means I get less opportunities to talk about and play games, the podcast filled that gap perfectly. Since I haven’t heard the first 140 odd episodes I might dig into them while you’re taking a break, which I hope you enjoy it sounds like you work fucking hard on the podcasts!

  3. Shame Kris, but I hope you do fix up a shiny new thing

  4. You guys have done an amazing job over the years. I have loved listening to your thoughts on games, films and everything else. I hope you can carry on in some form in the future, but I just wanted to say thank you for all you guys have done and the many hours of entertainment you have provided.

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