Special Tactics Comes Out Of Early Access Today

One of the ideas that I currently love to see in games is that of simultaneous turn-based tactics. That is to say that the opposing teams both plan out their moves, only to see everything play out at the same time. Frozen Synapse did it brilliantly a few years back – and is set to try and do it again next year – but there’s a new game call Special Tactics that pulls the same kind of trick, and it’s come out of Early Access on Windows PC today.


Special Tactics puts you in charge of a special forces group, as the tactical overwatch for Vector Securities in the single player campaign. There’s also a Survival mode, which tasks you with defusing a bomb that has been planted somewhere on the map, while fighting through waves of enemies, as well as online multiplayer, which will keep the pressure high thanks to giving you just 50 seconds to plan out your next moves.

Source: press release


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  1. When i saw this, i, sadly assumed it was by Digital Homicide.

    Yes, they have poisoned Steam Greenlight for me with their antics.

    Please note: This is an opinion, DH if you are happening to read this. I have no cash so if you sue me, you get nothing. :P

    But as for the game, sounds like an interesting, quick, fun game to pass a few hours. :)

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