“I Don’t Care About The Money” – Uncharted 4 Director Weighs In On Stolen Copies

In case you missed it, earlier this week a shipment containing multiple copies of Uncharted 4 was stolen in what Sony has described as a violent attack. Since then, copies of the game have found their way into the hands of eager fans trawling websites such as eBay.

It’s not the kind of story we’re used to hearing on the road to a game’s launch, especially one as anticipated as Uncharted 4. Yesterday, at a press event in Rome for the game’s release, we spoke with game director Bruce Straley about the incident.


Naturally, he wasn’t pleased to hear of the armed robbery so close to the game’s May 10th launch.

“For me, personally, I don’t care about the money” he explains. “Sony cares about the money and Sony should certainly be like, ‘We need to get these people, we need to stop these criminals.’ This is against the law, but that’s not my issue.

“My issue is spoiling things for the player. Because we craft these experiences and we have so many gems, we really go out of our way to preserve the experience for the player.

“That’s the thing that I get upset about, because we have major moments inside of this game that huge impact on the player. They’re specifically crafted; we’ve work very hard to craft this moment to make it land, make it impactful and to resonate into what you feel, if that’s spoiled for the player, then that hurts me and that hurts that player.

“Straight up, as the creator, that sucks.”

To read the interview in full, be sure to check back next week when we’ll have plenty more Uncharted news, articles and features. Until then, if you’re looking to avoid spoilers, stay vigilant.



  1. And that is very understandable. I would be furious if me and my team worked our arses off, only for someone to spoil the entire game before anyone else had a chance to play it.

    Oh and IGN will most likely upload everything up before release but that’s IGN.

    I do wonder how Sony will go about it and if they will try to prosecute the thieves over here or get them extradited.

    • If the crime happened in the UK they’ll be charged and prosecuted in the UK. There’s nothing for the people involved to be extradited for.

      • Never underestimate how far companies are willing to go.

  2. I wouldn’t worry Bruce. I’ve been Spoiler-Hunting the past couple of days on forums as I can’t really afford the game at launch and have come up completely empty… ;)

    • That’s sort of the funny thing with his statement. Spoilers are inevitable beyond the release date because not everyone will be able to play it straight away. It’s just a case of avoiding those spoilers, both before and after release.

      Do devs really care about spoilers all the time post-release? I doubt it. I don’t see the logic to caring about it before release, unless they expect some major site to be a douche and publicise the spoilers.

      • I think that devs do care about spoilers, or at least would rather that players don’t feel that things have been ruined for them by others. Once the game is actually out for sale, then everyone has a chance to play it, at least. Some might not have the time to do so right away, but you definitely don’t expect or want to see people popping up and yelling about whether or not characters die or various plot twists before then.

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