You Won’t Be Able To Buy The CoD: Modern Warfare Remaster Separately

If you want to get your hands on the extra shiny version of the best Call of Duty ever (yes it is, don’t argue) then you’re going to have to buy Call of Duty: Generic Space Marine as well.  Activision posted an FAQ about the forthcoming remaster and it states:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is only available through the Legacy, Legacy Pro, and Digital Deluxe editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Whilst giving extra value (and £20 to the price tag) to those buying Call of Duty: Bit Killzony Isn’t It, not having the game available by itself is rather odd and Activision are doing themselves out of some serious cash by not selling it separately.

Also, during the livestream last night Infinity Ward posted some screens showing how the game has been upgraded, which were thoughtfully capture by Reddit user Cantsaymynamehere.

Source: Activision / Reddit


  1. They’re not doing themselves out of money I think, rather they’re plunging the game right into the money. If people buy into it, which they might for something that’s bordering onto prestigious. It sadly allows them to boost the IW sales too.

    It’s 79.99 for the deluxe edition by the looks of it as well, quite expensive.

    Plus it looks like they’re replacing Extinction with yet more Zombies. Meh.

  2. Wonder how long that will last? Roughly the same amount of time that the kindle would always be bundled with the Xbox possibly and …. Damn, can’t actually think of any other examples but there has been plenty.

    I’d expect to see it on the store within a year of release.

    • The Kindle Xbox bundle was very short lived ;)

      They know people will buy the new cod for the old cod. It will be interesting to see how good the remaster really is.

    • Yeah, they’ll change their minds. I’d buy it but I can’t be arsed with CoD: Starship Troopers.

  3. Smart really cause they know if they release both separate, the remaster would sell more than the new one so its better to force people to buy the new one to play the old, that way they make tons of money cause let’s face it, you suckers that been wanting the remaster will shell out

  4. Who actually believes it won’t eventually be available separately? That Activision FAQ is cunningly avoiding saying that won’t happen. It says it “is only availble” with those expensive versions not “will only be available”.

    Nothing to suggest it’s going to stay that way and won’t get released separately 6 months later.

    • It will likely get released later down the line. Once they’ve cashed in on the release of IW, release the remaster separately and cash in on the stragglers.

      • Maybe they’ll release it separately in 6 months time, but as DLC for the new game. And then 6 months after that, as a standalone remaster.

      • I could definitely see them doing an ‘upgrade’ option for those who own the normal edition of IW.

  5. I’m not interested in the new COD at all… I’ll wait for the Remaster to be released on its own (which is inevitable). I’m hoping that the new Battlefield will be a WW2 shooter… that will keep me busy while I’m waiting.

  6. I don’t want to buy the new one at all. Looks like Call of Resistance : Halo-zone 2142.

    MWR though I’m all over. Hope it gets a stand alone down the line.

  7. By the time I get around to buying it, it’ll be cheap as chips anyway. So not that bothered either way.

  8. Not surprising. I think Activision are aware that COD is sinking and are hoping that by throwing in MWHD, they can give it a shot in the arm. Even though the issue with the franchise is it is stale. Hell, even AC knew when to change things up.

    And this years COD seems to be Killzone. Erm…

    Stop ripping off other games, COD?

    I mean, last year, it was Deus Ex?

    I don’t know, i’ve only heard stuff.

  9. From those screenshots it looks more like a remake, unrecognizable in some areas. I just hope they don’t touch the gameplay.

  10. I know it’s a long standing joke that CoD hasn’t changed in years, but subtly over the years some things have changed. If any of those changes are implemented into MW Remaster, then they could ruin it.
    I’m not gonna fall for there nostalgia ploy though, I’ve done that enough in the past. GoldenEye springs to mind. These games were of their time, they were brilliant, just leave them be, to grow old gracefully in our hearts and minds.

    That said, I’ll probably give in and buy it when the release it standalone, coz I’m a hypocritical mug :-D

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