Turtle Beach Take On eSports With The Elite Pro Gaming Headset

Calling it their latest headset the Elite Pro feels like a borderline tautology, but Turtle Beach’s does look pretty swish, I must admit. The name kind of works as well, as it’s looking to target the upper echelons of the eSports scene and the kind of players who will be wearing these headsets for hours and hours on end, with a number of rather smart looking features.

Some of it will sound fairly standard, with 50mm drivers in the ear cups, a traditional looking Turtle Beach flexible boom microphone, and so on, but it’s really the little details which stand out for me. The ear cushions have leather sidewalls for better sound isolation, but then have spandex against your head and cooling gel in the cushions to avoid getting too hot. Similarly, you can create a slight indent that means that glasses wearers don’t have to put up with having uneven pressure on the side of their head.

Depending on how you look at it, one downside is that you won’t have everything you could possibly need in the box. The base headset costs £169.99 – it’s a premium product, after all – but then there’s various optional accessories and bundles that will let you use it with the PS4’s optical audio output (£39.99), Xbox One chat (£49.99), a noise cancelling mic (£29.99) and there’s a rather pricey Tournament Audio Controller (£149.99) that can be daisy chained in a tournament set up. Bundles cut those prices down very quickly, but it can all add up if you need all of the bits and pieces.

Source: press release