Which Is Less Popular: Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Or The Ghostbusters Reboot?

The internet’s a funny old place, isn’t it? People can just trot along, lend the world at large an opinion and then carry on with their day. A lot of the time, that can be fantastic and we love it when there’s a nice bit of discourse in the comments, but sometimes there’s also a lot of anger and disappointment that boils over.

And so I’m struck by a little similarity between Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and the upcoming all-female Ghostbusters reboot. Both seem to have had their first reveal trailers specifically targeted by people who want to make some sort of point, and both are now amongst the most disliked videos on YouTube.


But which is “less popular”? Shooting guns in space or these four women getting to bust ghosts?

Crunching the latest figures (and bear in mind that Call of Duty’s getting more and more dislikes by the second), Ghostbusters has a huge 716,913 dislikes from 30,913,434 views, which makes 2.3%. Call of Duty: Infinite War, on the other hand, already has 308,948 dislikes from 7,844,848 views, which makes a more sizeable 3.9%.

It’s doubtful whether those wanting to target the video can keep up the pace, as the Infinite War video will likely breach the 20 million views mark, going off the last few COD reveal trailers.

However, you do have to wonder what the point of all of this is. Skipping past Ghostbusters, which has its own particular hurdles, the comments from Infinite Warfare have a mixture of people disappointed that the Modern Warfare remaster isn’t being sold separately and those disliking the new space setting for what was traditionally a series with historical and contemporary settings.

We’ve an interview with Naughty Dog’s Bruce Straley coming soon, where he makes a quite pertinent point. “Unlike other games, we’re doing something different [with Uncharted],” he said. “They usually drag on and… we could have been up to Uncharted 15, we’d have a jet pack and it’d be something crazy, because you’d have to reboot it five times over to keep it interesting.”

That’s not to condemn Call of Duty or to say that Infinite Warfare and the current directions the series has been taking is bad, it’s just a necessary evil when trying to sustain a huge, blockbuster franchise for this long. Trust me, if the series were 13 games in and still set in World War II or the modern era, the grumbling would simply shift to how boring having the same old setting is.

But really, all of this will come down to how people end up spending their money. Sure, there’s a few hundred thousand people fanatical enough to go on YouTube and click a dislike button, but then there were tens of thousands of people who clicked to join a campaign to boycott Left 4 Dead 2’s release, because they felt it should have been a free update.

You’ll never guess what those so-called boycotters were playing on November 17th, 2009…

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  1. Every time i see a trailer for Ghost Busters i wish the ground would open up and swallow me.
    You cannot unsee the seen!!
    Quite simply NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

  2. Gonna have to go with Ghostbusters after the first trailer. Call of Duty was never anything special to begin with so it’s hard to feel too disappointed about all this future crap they keep spewing out – even if it is annoying.

    But how they managed to get Ghostbusters so wrong, I’ll never know. Unless there are lots of extras on the Bluray. And someone buys me the Bluray for Christmas. And I feel uncomfortable asking for the receipt to return it.

  3. Ghostbusters. I dislike it because well, it’s shit. Not because it’s an all female cast. I literally don’t give a damn about genders, only the quality. And it is bad. I mean, the ghost is well, it’s crap. The CGI is crap. It’s looks like a PS2 era special effect. Only, the PS2 had better effects. The poor jokes, the sterotypes. I mean, there’s nerdy, the fat black chick and the erm……. other two. Not a good sign when half of the cast is forgettable. The jokes are bad. It is too much slapstick, no chemistry together and THEY GAVE AWAY THE EFFING TWIST IN THE FIRST FECKING TRAILER! What the feck!? STOP DOING THIS! I shouldn’t have to start worrying if X trailer will ruin the surprise or twist every time there is a new trailer.

    With COD, i think it’s more to do with MW being locked behind an 80 dollar price tag and well, the change of setting seems to have a lot of people rather upset. Some say it’s HaloCall some say it’s KillDuty. All we know is that… it’s not the COD but the COD’s future cousin.

  4. Im disappointed by both equally but I can’t say as I feel compelled to bitch and moan with the masses or add a meaningless downvote to a trailer. I’ll do what the producers are most concerned about; vote with my wallet and buy in to neither… Except the MW remaster, should they decide to release it separately when sales of Infinite start to slow down.

  5. neither bothered me really.

    firstly, don’t care about COD so whatever was in that trailer, i don’t really care.

    and secondly, the Ghostbusters trailer didn’t look that bad to me.
    not fantastic, but not as bad as the downvotes would lead you to believe.

    there aren’t any stats but i’d wager a lot of those downvotes were people, guys, who had made their minds up as soon as they heard “female Ghostbusters”
    i mean, just look at the comments.

    but really, the only like or dislike vote i care for is my own.

    and the later trailers were better.

    what i really love though is the people saying how horrible the writing is, because the kind of prescience that lets you see the movie months before it opens exists.

    anyway, i’ll be watching opening day.
    whatever the trailers were like, this is one of those films i’d be going to see anyway.
    like a Marvel or DC movie, Star Wars/Trek, if they ever make it, the Rendezvous With Rama movie.

    • It kinda reminded me of that awful movie RIPD from a few years ago. Too much ‘Scorpion King’ (bad) CGI and a script that appears to take the piss rather than page homage to the original. The all female cast isn’t an issue for me – that’s one of the things that interested me most.

  6. That’s the first time I’ve watched the Ghostbusters trailer. Not once did I raise an eyebrow in interest, twitch the corner of my mouth for a smile or widen my eyes in anticipation. Nope, it’s just flat and those tired (and I’m sad to say it) almost stereo typical jokes are just flat. It reminds me of Pixels.
    Female leads? It doesn’t bother me at all. Erin Brokovich, Million Dollar Baby, etc. all great female leads.

    As for the CODMW remake being behind a pay-wall of kinds, well, let’s just wait six months or so for the standalone version.

  7. I can’t be bothered with Call of Duty, they lost my interest after the third game and this futuristic stuff winds me up a bit. I can totally understand all the YouTube disliking, there are enough future shooters and this move dilutes the Call of Duty brand by shoving it further into the future.
    Going sideways a bit, I’m not sure the thumbs up/down buttons are for our feelings about what the video represents, we should really be expressing what we think of the video itself. For example, I wouldn’t dislike a well made documentary about Hitler just because I happen to hate Nazis. Bloody Nazis, what a bunch of bastards.

  8. I won’t be paying interest to either.

    COD is boring.
    GB reboot looks shite.

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