News Snatch: Minecraft, Blood Bowl 2, And TransOcean 2: Rivals

Right then, more nuggets of news, tasty bit sized morsels that are less than 98 calories each! Yum! First up, Mario is invading the world of Minecraft (or as I always type, Mincecraft), but only on Wii U.

Winter is coming to Blood Bowl 2 on PS4, Xbox One and PC as the Norsemen are about to arrive.

Hailing from a far north peninsula of the Old World, Norsca, the Norse are fearsome warriors who naturally benefit from the Block skill – making a Norse line one of the more resilient Blood Bowl defensive walls. Norse players also have low Armour value, meaning they’re built for dishing out damage, not taking it. We’re excited to see how new Norse Coaches plan around the team’s weaknesses and exploit their strengths.

The Norse DLC pack includes new types of players, including the Ulfwerener. These werewolves encourage damage-dealing plays with their high Strength and their brutal Frenzy skill. The Norse Big Guy is the Yhetee, a vicious Snow Troll with Claws built for shredding high armoured players. Finally, two Star Players are joining the Norse: Icepelt Hammerblow, Yhetee, and Wilhelm Chaney, Ulfwerener.

Grand Kingdom has been graced with an “online” trailer, here it is in all it’s cutsey but violent glory.

The WWE 2K15 servers have been turned off you won’t be able to play online any more, leaving you with only half a game. Isn’t video gaming great? More chop socky action from the land of the rising sun in the shape of One Piece: Burning Blood‘s advanced gameplay trailer. It’s in Japanese but you can look at the pretty video.

TransOcean 2: Rivals, the second chapter of the economic strategy simulation series from developer Deck13 Hamburg is set to release on PC on May 11th for £18.99/€24.99. It’s essentially what I used to do in my old job, which is a bit odd for me.

Final Fantasy XIV has been patched with new dungeons and the introduction of new beast tribe quests that involve Moogles and dragons. I hope there’s a Moogle that looks like Daenerys Targaryen.

Future content updates will include new housing additions, a new map for PvP mode, new side quests and the final chapter of the Dragonssong war.

Once again it’s over to Japan (I wish I earned Air Miles for this), this time for Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization which is coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

A totally frivolous CG trailer for Shadow Fight 3, the latest instalment in the successful Shadow Fight series from Russian developer and publisher Nekki. The game – whatever it is, you can’t tell from a CG trailer can you? – is set to release this Autumn on Windows 10 PC’s, tablets and mobile devices, followed by Xbox One in 2017.

And Finally… hmmm how did that get there. Ahem.


  1. TransOcean 2: Rivals looks right up my street. I was going to pick up the first game in the Steam sales, but a lot of the recent reviews said the Devs had kinda stopped working on it and were focusing on #2 which wasn’t that long after the first.

  2. I love the Trinity trailer, some top tier DJs lined up!

    • One of them is a bit rubbish. Apparently he spends all his time writing about video games now.

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