Shadow Of The Beast Gets A Physical Release In Asia, Original Game Included

Those of you who like boxes piled on shelves will be pleased to know that the rebooted Shadow of the Beast will be getting a physical release, albeit over in Asia.  The game will feature both English and Chinese subtitles and you can pre-order a copy from Play-Asia $19.99.


It was also recently announced that the game (both physical and digital versions) will include a port of the original Amiga game as an unlockable bonus. You can also unlock the original David Whittaker score and use it as the in-game soundtrack, plus a super hi-res version of Roger Dean’s original artwork.


Perhaps they have made an Amiga emulator to get the original game on PS4, and I would jump on kittens if they made a Psygnosis retrospective for PS4. Colony Wars, The Killing Game Show, Blood Money, Agony, Awesome, Leander, Nitro, Ork, WipeEout, G-Police, so many good games!

Source: PS Blog / Gematasu



  1. i wonder if it will have the full game replay mode the Amiga version had if you had a megabyte of ram.
    at least i swear i remember that being an option.

    those Psygnosis games had some of the best cover artwork.
    usually nothing to do with the games they featured on, but gorgeous none the less.

    and that Psygnosis restrospective thing sounds great, but i don’t think i’d go as far as jumping on kittens.
    i’d probably just, you know, buy it. ^_^

  2. I had the game in the master system. Never completed didn’t get far but as a kid played It for about a 100 hours

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