Side Scrolling RPG Dex To Release On July 8th For PS4 And Xbox One

Developer Dreadlocks has confirmed that its sidescrolling RPG Dex will make its way to PS4 and Xbox One on July 8th. Releases on Wii U and the Vita will follow at a later date. Dex is the name of the main character who is being chased by corporations for an unknown reason through a cyberpunk  world.


In Dex you’ll be able to choose how to tackle the challenges and enemies that are in the way, including through stealth, as someone who hacks various systems, or as a straight up shooter. These playthroughs open up different paths of solutions. The city of Harbor Prime is where Dex’s story takes place and it will be explorable, leading to a lot of encounters. Dex is already available on PC where users have given generally favourable reviews for it.

Source: Youtube/Press Release