Rainbow Six Siege: Free “Operation Dust Line” Content Hits Tomorrow

Ubisoft is set to launch its second free “Operation” expansion for tactical online shooter, Rainbow Six: Siege. Much like the previous free add-on, dubbed Black Ice, Dust Line provides players with two new operatives, a new map, and some minor revisions to gameplay in general.


Its latest operatives include the Navy SEALs Blackbeard and Valkyrie. Championing mobility and defence, Blackbeard sports a TARS Mk 0 assault rifle fitted with a transparent shield. Meanwhile, Valkyrie can deploy an advanced camera tool, giving her team-mates an extra perspective on the battle as it unfolds.

Although labelled as free, both operatives will require players to spend their in-game currency. Those who own the season pass, on the other hand, will get access to the heroes straight off the bat.

Other revisions include:

Loadout Customisation between rounds: Players can now customise their Operator’s loadout between each round, by simply selecting an operator and going to their loadout to select a weapon, attachments and headgear. This will allow for additional tactical choices between rounds.

Operator reworks: I.Q.’s unique gadget now has enhanced visual feedback, Montagne’s shield now adds side protection, and Tachanka’s LMG is now easier to place and use. Additional Operator, weapon and secondary gadget tweaks have also been made.

Introduction of gadget placement cancellation controls: By turning this feature ON in the Options menu, players can now cancel the placement of a gadget at any time. This feature will not only allow players to be more reactive, but will also allow for another layer of gameplay and tactics.

Winning Team Showcase: After the final round, the winning team’s Operators will be displayed to both the winning and losing teams, and an MVP for the match will be crowned for the ultimate bragging rights.

Operation Dust Line will launch tomorrow across all playable formats. Be sure to check out our Rainbow Six Siege review as well as our recent hands-on with Black Ice.


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