A Star Wars Battlefront Sequel Is Due In 2017

Star Wars Battlefront has been a big money spinner for EA, riding the hype and excitement for the reinvigorated film franchise and with 14 million copies of the game shipped – not sold, mind you – so it’s no surprise that a second DICE developed Battlefront is in the works. What is surprising is that this sequel is on the way for 2017 and it looks like it will come out before the Star Wars games being developed at Visceral Games and Respawn Entertainment.

With Uncharted creator Amy Hennig working on that game at Visceral, it’s a shame that we’ll have to wait so long to see their efforts, as it will “most likely” launch in 2018. EA’s plan, as CFO Blake Jorgensen explained on last night’s financials call, is to have “at least one Star Wars title a year over the next three or four years.”

He continued, “Next year we will see Star Wars Battlefront back with bigger and better worlds because we now have the new movies to work off of, not just the historical movies that we used before.”

While that sounds great, it will do little to wash away some of the disappointment at how thin the content in the first DICE developed Star Wars Battlefront was. The number of maps included in the game was limited, with only a handful for the game’s eyecatching Walker Assault mode, which has not been added to in the first of the DLC expansions for the game. A sequel will have to bring more to the table to convince those that felt a little jilted by this.

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  1. Is it a sequel or the other half of the first game :)

    • Haha, yeah good point, you get my vote for comment of the week :) I understand that most thought Battlefront was a bit of a thin offering, personally I thought there was plenty and only wanted offline bots for everything. Maybe Battlefront 2-2 will deliver, great news either way especially with the promise of Force Awakens content!

      • Comment of the week is “remoistened”.

      • Oh yeah that made me giggle!

      • I had nothing to do with any moist comments.

  2. Single player would be good!

  3. Oh for god’s sake. No. Just no to the one Star Wars title per year. That, to me screams rushed out games that will be average at best. It worked so well for COD and Battlefield and the AC series.

    Will it be a complete game on launch? Or just Star Wars:Battle “Er…. we forgot the rest” 2?

  4. Any word yet on the other 7 sequels/prequels..?

  5. For me they need to build in more of the game mechanics from Battlefield, make a game which has more longevity, more appeal to the core gamer. I’m not overly fussed about the perceived lack of content, just the depth of gameplay.

    • The problem that would result in it being Battlewars, is that people would go “Oh, real original, EA.” and potential not buy it. Still, they gave it to DICE and DICE didn’t do it as BattleStar is a bit of a bad choice. Surely, they could get away with it for the first game and just use it to expand in sequels.

      Hell, Battlefield is more or less perfect for the Battlefront gameplay.

      Apart from snipers that can kill you before you spawn. :P

  6. Battlefront was a major disappointment for me. I got bored of it very quickly, just so pleased I didn’t buy the season pass.

    They need to bring back the conquest mode and double the amount of maps.

    I won’t be leaping in to the sequel until I’ve seen a lot of reviews.

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