Ubisoft Count 9.5 Million The Division Players In Better Than Expected Financials

OK, so Ubisoft has lost one record to Activision Blizzard Inc., but they’ve traded it for a better one. Though not an exact measure of sales, their latest earnings report claims that there are 9.5 million registered users of The Division and that it’s the most successful launch of a new IP ever. That was a record most recently held by Destiny.

Now 9.5 million players doesn’t mean 9.5 million sales, because multiple users could share a single copy of the game in a household, but it does give a good indication of the number of sales that have been achieved. On average, active The Division players will sink three hours into the game each day, though this doesn’t seem to take into account those who have stopped playing.

Either way, The Division has outstripped Ubisoft’s expectations, and alongside a record breaking February launch for Far Cry: Primal – no specific figures were given – it helps to put a more positive spin on the 4.8% drop from €1.46 billion to €1.39 billion. That fall is actually less than was predicted, but has been attributed to a number of big game delays and the stigma attached to buggy releases such as Assassin’s Creed Unity.

This coming year is a big one though, as Ubisoft plan to release five major games before the end of March 2017. With Assassin’s Creed taking a much needed break, these five include For Honor, Ghost Recon Wildlands, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Watch Dogs 2 and a new IP that will be revealed at E3.

Source: Ubisoft, via Eurogamer

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  1. I’d actually think sales could be even higher (or at least as high), as some might buy but not play. Multiple players in a household are not very likely, given it’s an adult title the kids would (or better: should) not be able to play.
    But 3h a day is definitely impressive, I find the title quite addictive too, even if it gets repetitive over time.

    • It’s a pretty good estimate, certainly, and gives you a ballpark figure as to where sales are at, but it’s not definitive. You do have to consider that there are couples who game and share a console, or even student households where there’s just the one communal console, and things like that. That’s why you can’t equate 9.5 million to how many copies have been sold.

      • Couples who game..? Are you joking..? ;o)

  2. Cool, thats huge, well done Massive, and Ubi, for keeping new IP’s coming.

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