Update 1.04 For Ratchet And Clank Fixes Various Issues

Insomniac Games has released update 1.04 for Ratchet & Clank to fix quite a few issues in the game, including points where players could get stuck on Quartu and certain plot points not triggering. The studio is still investigating the Challenge Mode bug where players lose weapons, and believe it is caused if you start the mode during Clank gameplay. Starting the mode during Ratchet gameplay or after the final boss doesn’t trigger the bug.

The full patch list is below.

Photo Mode
– Use “No HUD” cheat with the Plasma Striker zoom

-Big Al’s audio should now properly play

– Tech Head – Trophy should unlock properly

-Fixed issue where Kerwan train sequence wouldn’t start.
-Fixed issue on Pokitaru where Big Al/Felton would not progress back to ship.
-Fixed issue where crates would disappear at certain camera angles.
-Fixed issue on Nebula G34 where player could not progress after boss fight.
-Fixed issue where boost rings would sometimes disappear during hoverboard races.
-The Bouncer now retains XP and upgrades if entitlement is lost.
-Omega weapons now show proper v6 model at vendor.
-Additional fixes for missing Hologuise.
-Fixed issues where player would get stuck on Quartu (door not opening and jetpack station).
-Fixed issues where players could get stuck when dying at the same time as boss on Quartu.
-Fixed issue where swingshots would not appear on Veldin (at night).

Other various bug fixes and improvements

Source: Insomniac 

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