What We Played #253: Uncharted 4, Stellaris & Battleborn

It’s pretty obvious what most of us have been playing, and in turn what most of you have been playing. Uncharted 4 came out on Tuesday and it’s easily one of, if not the most highly anticipated game of the year. It helps that it’s had some cracking reviews and deserves them.

So while I spent an unhealthy amount of time playing Stellaris over the weekend to get our review done for Paradox Interactive’s space grand strategy game, I also made sure to find time to finish Uncharted 4 and enjoy the rollercoaster ride it takes you on. It is, to put it simply, a fantastic way of wrapping up the series, but with just enough rope left for the single player DLC that’s been promised.

Tuffcub’s gaming time was brief, and his report on it equally so. Bubble Bobble, Alienation and Uncharted 4 are what he’s been playing. Meanwhile, Miguel spent the whole weekend with Dark Souls 3 and Overwatch, thoroughly enjoying both of them.

Dom’s life has been consumed with Fire Emblem Fates for the last few weeks. That’s he’s still without internet had some part in this, and so did his determination to never let anyone die, but he did have to focus and get the second of our three reviews of the game’s three pronged approach posted. He also finished Ratchet & Clank and managed to make a start on Uncharted 4, “which thus far is amazing,” he said.

In addition to reviewing Battleborn over the weekend, Dave finished Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, splurged on getting Enter the Gungeon – dying in a rather tame and disappointing fashion on his first attempt – and got going with Uncharted. Not the latest game, but the very first one as he starts his Uncharted journey for the very first time. He says that “The PS4 version in particular looks great with its remaster!”

Finally, Jim’s week has been comprised of three games. He also played Battleborn, as he and I both played alongside Dave for his review, but while he came to appreciate what Gearbox were trying to do, he found the game wasn’t for him. Then, with the Blood and Wine expansion out at the end of the month, he hopped back into The Witcher 3 to prepare and polish off that game’s platinum trophy.

Finally, having completed the story last week, he’s been eager to hop into Uncharted 4’s multiplayer, finding it to be “a remarkable addition to what is perhaps the best game of this generation.”

How about you, though? What have you been playing? Have you finished Uncharted 4 already and found your way to its multiplayer?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. A few rounds of PGA with Forrest and Pixel and some GTA online with Forrest, Pixel and heedbaw.
    Mainly the Binding of Isaac Afterbirth dlc … although the trophies are glitched yet again and won’t unlock.
    A few runs of Enter the Gungeon.
    Some more cosmetic item farming in Diablo.
    Got Doom this morning so had a quick look at snapmap and did some team deathmatch with Waxbull.

    • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Diablo. I recently re-bought Diablo and I’m loving my 2nd wave of play. A fantastic game which continually gives.

      • It is indeed a fantastic game and they are still supporting it with a decent amount of free content.
        If you need a hand levelling characters or farming for gear gimme a shout (I have at least 1 of each class capable of running Torment 10 pretty easily), my PSN ID is the same as my TSA ID.

  2. Just a little game called Uncharted 4. I decided to limit myself to just 2 chapters per session and that’s working out fine due to the number of photo opportunities. Simply stunning.

    • brilliant mate! i too have been limiting the amount of love I’m giving Drake.
      i don’t want to finish it too quickly.
      it has a few bugs that are quite jarring,that aside quite stunning.

      • Sorry to hear about the bugs, nothing too annoying hopefully. I’ve been lucky so far and not experienced any.

  3. UC4 of course. I’m only up to chapter 8 but loving every second. It’s not what I expected but in a good way I think. Feels like Bond.

    DOOM arrived in the post this morning while I was at work and I still need to finish Deadpool but most of my time will be spent on UC4 this weekend.

  4. I managed to get the platinum out of Lego Marvel avengers on Ps Vita, which is awful game. The flight mechanics are all wrong and the draw distances are terrible making collectable hunting annoying. Apart from that just like most people I’ve been playing UC4. I got Doom yesterday but while waiting for the patch to download I started to play UC4 again and forgot about Doom.

  5. Almost nothing because I’ve been away on a course. However before I went I dived into the dark zone of The Division… And decided I won’t be going back. It was easily the most frustrating and off putting activity I’ve encountered in the game and has quite frankly soured me on the whole thing.

    Hey ho, at least I can move on to something else in my backlog now…

    • Was that your first trip to the Dark Zone? And what was so frustrating?
      I keep going back, and find it quite good, but it has it’s problems, no doubt.

      • I tried a couple of times but each was the same. Usually come across a bunch of tooled up assholes intent on ruining your game, and subjecting you to a torrent of sexist and racist abuse whilst doing it. Swamping with AIs. Being declared rogue for some random walking into your stream of bullets, or downing a rogue who then gets revived by a rogue buddy but is no longer rogue, causing you to now be for still shooting at them…

        All in all I just found nothing to draw or keep me there. Besides I’m not someone who plays one game forever more so I’m quite happy to draw a line under it. The SP story and co-op was fun whilst it lasted and now I’m happy to move onto something else.

    • Ok, that sounds quite frustrating indeed. I’ve not come across such groups, I rather met several people already who took me into their group, or we’ve taken them in ours, and it was fairly cooperative. Of course, there is the random rogue group, or I’ve happened to become rogue too, but that I found that quite thrilling.
      But, you’ve definitely got a point in moving on, there’s so much to play, and sometimes I tend to get hooked by a game for very long.

  6. No Uncharted for me sadly, I’m gonna save it and put it on the list for Christmas. A bit of Killzone Mercenary for me, mopping up contracts and yet more kills. I’ve also been playing Inks and th excellent Telepaint what Kev mentioned on the podcast. Loving it, thanks dude!

  7. The other weekend I reinstalled Minecraft and have been wondering where my time has gone this week! So much has changed; it’s great to have the game feel ‘new’ again with so much to discover, and yet it feels like an entirely different game from the one I used to love. Everything has moved forward, and it seems to have lost some of its charm, it’s simplicity.

    Has anyone else had that, where they’ve returned to a game years later and found it’s moved forwards too much?

  8. Gave in and picked up a copy of Uncharted4 this week.
    Honestly? Its alright. Have ran into a number of bugs during the games first 10 chapters and the game is missing the same “wow factor” found in Uncharted 2&3.
    Looks pretty though and the story telling has been good so far.

  9. Uncharted 4. By far the best game of this generation, and I think the best of the Uncharted games too. I’d even put it in the top 5 games I’ve ever played. Absolutely brilliant.

  10. I’ve mostly played ‘Waiting for Uncharted 4’, as it obviously takes over a week for it to be sent from the UK to Switzerland.
    Apart from that, still the Division, the longer the more desperately waiting for the next patch to fix some annoying problems (talking to team mates in the Dark Zone would be nice…). And the regular Driveclub challenges.

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