Who Were Our KOI & Zombie Vikings Competition Winners?

We’ve had a couple of lovely competitions on the site over the last few weeks, with one for the serene looking KOI and another for the disc-based release of Zombie Vikings. It was actually an entry to the former that reminded me that we hadn’t posted the winners from the latter. Just like any good zombie, we might shuffle to our destination slowly at times, but we’ll get there in the end, and we’ll eat your brains when we do.

But first we turn to the little fishies of KOI, with entries having closed last night. Across both our comments and Twitter, the five names out of the hat for EU PSN codes for the game were:

  • @DaniellePiper
  • @heedbaw
  • @JonnyStuardd
  • robbond
  • ron_mcphatty

We’ll be in touch this morning. For Zombie Vikings, it was a little more complicated in a number of ways. For one thing, there were three tiers of prizes, with the game on disc, tshirts and some signed artwork all up for grabs. For the specifics, head to the original post, but the order in which the names were drawn was:

  1. Lyts1985
  2. Scotty34
  3. JR.
  4. @WMMAMM
  5. three_leg_jake

Lyts makes off with the top prize then, and congratulations are in order for him and all the winners. For those that weren’t lucky enough to win, I wish you better luck next time. Rest assured that I enjoyed each and every one of your terrible fish and zombie viking jokes.

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  1. Cheers, TSA, it is always nice to win something. :)

    Congrats to all the other winners and good luck next time to everyone!

  2. Congrats

  3. I carp believe my name was prawn out of the hat, I thought I haddock a chance! Thanks TSA :)

  4. Well done fellow winners and thanks to everyone at TSA.

    First of all I’d like to thank my Mom for always believing in me, my imaginary friend Fred for always being there when I needed him and finally my personal saviour Britney Jean Spears. This is one’s for you B.

  5. my cod, those were some of the worst puns i’ve ever piscene.
    i had an eeling they might be good, TSA’s pun fests are usually a ray of light, but maybe those days are just gone, like a fading bream.


    • Brill-iant!

    • Bugged, I meant krill-iant!

    • I stayed away from that.. fish puns just give me an awful haddock.

  6. Well chuffed, cheers Tef, can’t wait to receive it :-)

    Congrats to all the other winners too – some great prizes and was a good laugh reading through all the puns!

  7. Congrats to all the winners!

  8. My Zombie Vikings have turned up cheers!

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