Batman: Return To Arkham Coming To PS4, Xbox One This July

Following several leaks and retail listings, Warner Bros. Interactive has finally confirmed that Batman: Arkham Asylum and its sequel, Batman: Arkham City, are to be remastered for current-gen platforms.


The two-game bundle, dubbed “Return To Arkham” will launch on July 29th for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Warner Bros. confirmed that the double pack will hit shelves at full price. This, they explain, is due to the extensive work carried out by Chinese studio, Virtuos, including a leap from Unreal Engine 3 to its latest counterpart.

It’s worth pointing out that every piece of additional DLC for both games will feature in Return To Arkham.

Although it would have been nice to see Batman: Arkham Origins thrown in there as well, it’s easily the weakest game in the series.

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  1. Full price would be justified if all 3 games were in there, this is just another cheap cash in.

  2. Full price can do one! Annoying Arkham Origins isn’t included, as that’s the only one I’ve never played. Think it came out after the PS4, so by that point I’d stopped buying new release PS3 games assuming they’d eventually come to PS4 too. Same reason I never played Beyond or South Park.

  3. Following the absolute joke that was the PC version of Arkham Knight and the multitude of problems with Arkham Origins which have never been fixed, I am somewhat surprised to see they have farmed out this to yet another 3rd party.

    They can do one if they think I’m trusting them a third time.

  4. I thought Origins was better than City.

  5. Understandable why Origins wasn’t innit and it was sorta broken and the MP was very well broken. Plus Origins wasn’t developed by Rocksteady…. think they only did Arkham Asylum, City and Knight.
    Wouldn’t buy it since I still have them on PS3 really want another Rocksteady hero game for either Deadpool or Spiderman. They made Batman just amazing!

    • Del that’s a great shout for deadpool. Or superman. Or daredevil. Or iron man. Or capt America. Geez they would nail a lot of licenses.

    • I think, Activision hold the Marvel stuff. :-( Or Disney has it and refuses to let them do anything.

      Deadpool is owned by Fox in terms of film and i could see them being real arsey about it just to spite Marvel due to rights of the character in every other form of media. :-(

      Why does Acti get the superheroes and pump out shite with them?

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