Community Chronicle: 22/05/16

As I prise the HTC Vive from my head, I’m surprised* to see that it’s still the weekend. But it’s good that I take a break, stare into a screen that’s a bit further away from my fave, and dive into what you’ve been talking about for the past week.


The big news of the week came from the press conference and first public showcade of Gran Turismo Sport. Polyphony detailed pretty much everything that’s going to be going into the series’ first appearance on PS4, as well as letting people go hands on with the game for the first time. There’s a long way to go before its release in November…

It’s a game that’s dividing opinions, with beeje13 asking, “When you look at the jump between Forza 5 to 6, the independent Project Cars, and with Assetto Corsa coming to consoles soon, Polyphony come up lacking. If the physics are the same as GT6, no damage, what have they been doing for 3 years?”

On the other hand, ron_mcphatty said, “Looks great! Gran Turismo games are always solid, some better than others but I think we can rely on getting our money’s worth in terms of beautiful and accessible sim racing. […] I think my problem now is that I don’t know what the new thing is, Sport does look gorgeous but it’s not that much more impressive than Forza, Driveclub and Project Cars.”

Avenger said, “It might have been franchise suicide had they called it GT7. What I’ve seen of the game makes it seem like a bumper sized prologue rather than a fully fledged next game in the sequence.”

Where do you stand on Gran Turismo Sport? Has it got you salivating? Or have you been too busy rolling your eyes at how “Gran Turismo” it all is?

From “the latest installment of the Gran Turismo saga”, as a clueless announcer at the GTS event called it, to the first installment in what film execs hope will be a grand Assassin’s Creed film saga. It turns out that, though it’s based on the game, the AC movie will be roughly 2/3rds modern day and 1/3rd historical.

TSBonyman said, “I’m guessing the budget also influenced that split.” and ron_mcphatty agreed, crudely noting that it’s “much cheaper to make 65% of a film take place in a single room with a futuristic sex swing than in an expensive 15th century rendered scenery.”

Kjkg also pointed out that “the modern day bits are boring in the game, but that’s where the story is driven forward. Jumping about centuries ago killing Templars is pretty damn pointless if you don’t tell the story of the modern day Templar.”

But Clubber Lang is surprisingly optimistic, saying, “We always complain about bad video game movies, but maybe that’s because they try an stick too closely to the source material.  Fingers crossed letting the writer & director tell their own story in new branch of the AC universe will be the kick up the arse movie adaptations need.”


I’ll spare you yet another summary of varying thoughts on the PlayStation 4 Neo update, and dive into the handful of achievements we have this week. Crazy_Del and ron_mcphatty teamed up to get ron one of the more annoying trophies in Killzone: Mercenary. It involves a tranquiliser gun and spending far too long staring at a 5″ screen.

Alas, ron is having to wait for Uncharted 4, and so too is hornet1990, after it was damaged in the post and had to be sent back for a refund. There are others taking a little longer with it, but Pixel_nme’s finished the story and JR.’s actually platinumed the game, quickly enough that he managed to trade it in and turn a profit!

Whether or not he did it quicker that Crazy_Del is another matter, as he grabbed the platinum trophy in the wee hours of Monday morning, and now has the Dirt Rally platinum to go alongside it.

The trophy leaderboards are on a hiatus at the moment, so after a rather brief Chronicle, all that’s left to do is bid you farewell for another week.

*I’m not really surprised at all. I’m overexaggerating.

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  1. i don’t know if the modern/past ratio in the AC movie will be as big of a problem as it is in the games.
    the modern day bits in the games were, well, boring as shit.
    there’s barely anything to do, and you play this other character who has nothing to do with 99% of the game, in fact since the Ezio games i think they’ve had some no name nobody who’s face we never see in the modern bits, so you’re even more detached from it.

    but with the movie, Fassbender will be playing the role both inside and outside the animus.
    so there’s a connection between the two parts of the story that’s lacking in the games.

    one thing i am wondering though is, will one of my main gripes with the AC games plots be an issue in the movie.

    and that is that the whole thing is about reliving memories, you cannot change the past.
    from a narrative standpoint that’s something that’s always bothered me about the games.

    it’s not a game ruiner or anything, it’s just something that’s always been in the back of my mind.
    it’s not about the games being linear, because gameplay wise they’ve always been very open, but story wise, it feels like you have no impact on what’s happening.
    nothing is really at stake in the past, it’s already happened, hundreds of years ago.

    anyway, that’s been a pet peeve for me.
    but i wonder if the same thing will bother me with the movie, with it being a linear non interactive medium.

    where will the tension come from in the past parts if it’s all ancient history?

    anyway, i’ll be there opening day to watch.

    • RE: the bit about changing the past, the Animus isn’t a time machine. It’s a machine that allows you to read someone’s genetic memory, and project it a la virtual reality.
      So in a way, the games should be incredibly linear if it were being ‘true’, but then it would make a pretty boring game!

  2. Spammer alert…

  3. How are you getting along with the Vive then? What games have you tried?

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