7 Days To Die Will Now Release July 1st On PS4 And Xbox One

The Fun Pimps have announced that 7 Days To Die will now release on July 1st on PS4 via the PS Blog. The date is also for the Xbox One version according to Amazon. This means a slight delay for the game which was originally stated to be releasing in June. Telltale is handling the publishing of the game on both consoles. The game has so far sold over 1.5 million copies on PC.


In 7 Days To Die you are tasked with surviving as long as possible in a world filled with zombies, wild animals, and the dangers of hunger and thirst. You’ll need to build shelter, scavenge for food and equipment, and learning how to improve your situation in this new world. Everything is destructible, which includes your base which zombies can destroy if it isn’t reinforced enough. 7 Days To Die will support local and online multiplayer.

Source: PS Blog/Amazon

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