Devolver Digital Announce Absolver

Do you have what it takes to become an Absolver? That’s the question that the newly announced game from Sloclap and Devolver Digital ask, as you awake with a mask on your face and just a few faint memories.


You’re little more than Prospect at this point, as the rulers of the land seek new recruits to join the Absolvers and maintain the balance of the land. It’s a martial arts game, and you learn new combat styles and attacks, gain better weapons, powers and armour and more as you play. However, you can customise your style of fighting, the attacks, blocks, counters and feints at your disposal by way of the Combat Deck.

Surprisingly, this is more than just a single player adventure, but features both PvE in the dungeon mines of the ruins of the Adal Empire, as well as PvP arenas to test your mettle against other players.

Oh, and it looks really pretty.

Expect to see a lot more of the game at E3, with a gameplay reveal on June 13th. The game’s planned for release in 2017 on PC and as-yet unspecified consoles.

source: press release

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  1. Damn, that art style. Bloody hell, that’s nice. Also, I mentioned something on the YouTube video comments section. Note how there was real mass/weight behind those movements. Something I feel that video games tend to ignore a lot and it’s such a shame. This looks so much more convincing and believable.

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