Super Mutant Alien Assault, Loot Rascals, World Of Warriors Head To PS4

The game announcements are coming thick and fast this week, and four more have been announced for the PS4. These are RETSNOM, Super Mutant Alien Assault, Loot Rascals, and World of Warriors, all of which are scheduled to release during 2016. Each one brings a bit of its own style too.

World of Warriors is being developed by Mind Candy,  the team behind Moshi Monsters, and it will be a PS4 exclusive. As you may guess from the name the aim of the game is to fight, with the story pitting great warriors in combat, with the location being a place called the Wildlands. You can summon different fighters, and bolster your options as a result. World of Warriors supports local and online multiplayer.

RETSNOM has been developed by Somi Games, and is a pixel art puzzle platformer. In it you can alter the environment, with mirrors being the key to unlocking the path. The plot follows a father who needs to get to the future where a cure can be obtained to save his daughter from a zombie virus. RETSNOM is expected to launch in Q2 2016, but is already available on Steam.

Super Mutant Alien Assault is a platformer described as being brutal and fast. Developed by Cybernate, a sole developer, with help from various parties including composers, the game combines random generation with a varied arsenal of guns to create an experience that is different each time. There are 12 levels in the game but none of them will play the same.

Last but not least is Loot Rascals, the latest game from Ricky Haggarty who founded the Hohokum studio, Honeyslug, Loot Rascals is the newest game from new studio Hollow Pond, with the game being a roguelike set on a hostile alien planet. The players mission is to try and find a way home while dealing with aliens and other the holograms of other players.

As you explore the world you’ll fight and gain cards that can help you, but the aliens can loot cards off of you. There are certain opponents called Elite Baddies, which when defeated drop a card stolen from another player. You have the option of keeping the card or returning it to the player who lost it in the first place. If you decide to keep it then the other player’s hologram may appear and fight you to get the card back. Give the card back and that hologram could arrive to help you.

Loot Rascals is expected to release in 2017.

Source: PS Blog/3/Youtube

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