Filthy Lucre Announced For PSVR, PS4, And PC

Manchester-based studio Fabrik, which includes ex-Sony Liverpool and Evolution developers, have revealed their “uniquely British” game, Filthy Lucre. It’s a top down heist game in which you can choose to be stealthy or go in all guns blazing, and can be played alone or as network or local co-op,.

“Every time you play a mission, it plays out differently,” says Kieran D’Archambaud, Technical Director. “Emergent AI means the world acts and reacts according to your actions. We’re allowing players to create their own unique ways to make a steal, with different experiences each time. The choices you make in game have a consequence, your past actions cascade through the game world and will catch up with you”

The game will be out later this year and Fabrik have a second title in production which remains under wraps.

Source: Press release

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  1. If they ever make this game into a movie, Michael Caine NEEDS to be the lead.

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