Hellblade’s Latest Dev Diary Explores The Look And Feel Of Combat

Hellblade garnered a lot of attention when Ninja Theory explained some of the game’s backstory and how Senua, the protagnist, was struggling with her own mental health issues throughout, but it’s still game which will feature a lot of melee combat. It’s this side of things that the latest developer diary explores, as the small team have focussed on combat for the past six weeks, going into the animation, motion capture, look and feel of the combat gameplay.


It’s a fascinating watch, to see the detail and thought that goes into every aspect, from how motion capture data is interpreted and tweaked to fit the game, to how they deal with showing damage without resorting to a HUD with health bars, as well as tackling having multiple enemies to fight at once. But we also get more than a few work in progress glimpses of how the game’s combat will look in practice, once all of these elements have been brought together.

This was the 23rd developer diary, and you can check out the previous 22 and watch future episodes on Ninja Theory’s Youtube channel.

via PlayStation Blog

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  1. Their dev diaries are great. Cheers for this. :-)

  2. Nice to see a bit of the combat and i’m looking forward to seeing more as it nears completion.

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