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No Man’s Sky UK Release Date Is Now August 10th

Sony has announced that the UK release date for No Man’s Sky has now be brought forward to August 10th. When the original delay was announced for the game the UK date had been penned for August 12th. The new date brings the UK release in line with the rest of Europe, and just one day after the North American release.

No Man’s Sky was delayed from its June 24th date by Hello Games as it was felt by the studio that some key areas needed extra work.

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  1. anyone ever notice that the land masses on the planets seemed… spotty. Like you took a bunch of rocks and just threw them into a shallow pond? No real major continents or land masses.

    • True, that’s likely to be a function of the maths behind the planet generation and to be fair the on-foot sections don’t look like they’re on tiny islands.
      Great news about the release date, I always feel a bit shafted when the Europe mothership gets a British game before our humble (arrogant) island, yay for simultaneous release.

    • There will be planets with large land masses, the algorithms used can generate them, I played a planet that had almost no sea on it. Just depends on what level the algorithm decides to set sea level at :)

  2. Unless Brexit messes it all up… ;)

  3. From a Sunday to a Friday with the weekend off. Solid.

  4. that’s better, as i always wondered why a game created in europe is released later than other non-european countries, hmmm…

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