Homefront: The Revolution Patched To V1.04 On PS4

Homefront: The Revolution has been patched again on PlayStation 4, none of them seems to address the frame rate but that’s probably because there are so many other bugs to squish. Here are the notes:

1.04 – 06/06

– We have optimised the number of checkpoint save locations throughout the single player campaign to reduce the number of checkpoint saves encountered.
– We have removed the need to perform a checkpoint save every time a new job is accepted by the player.
– We have implemented additional messaging to make it clearer when the game is performing a checkpoint save.
– Fixed a high frequency game logic crash related to autonomous drone turrets in the single player campaign.
– Fixed a high frequency rendering crash bug relating to the water shader and shadows from clouds.
– Fixed a low frequency issue that some players experienced when upgrading from the Day 0 patch to patch v1.03 related to missing map elements that would prevent further progress. Anyone affected by this issue should now be able to continue playing the game, however there may be some slight inconsistencies with the Hearts and Minds stats.

1.03 – 23/05
– Fixed an issue with the in-game HUD fader which could leave the player on a black screen when starting the game.
– Fixed an issue where the game could enter a perpetual loading state when trying to load a save game from section 4 onwards.
– Fixed a memory leak issue related to Entity IDs on version 1.00 of the game.
– Fixed a high frequency engine crash relating to the physics system and saves created on version 1.00 of the game.
– Fixed a high frequency shadow rendering crash bug relating to threading.
– Fixed an issue with the weather manager not being able to correctly read saves created with version 1.00 of the game.
– Fixed an issues with easter egg controls which could leave them unresponsive.

Source: Homefront forums

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  1. I think I was lucky on my playthrough. I didn’t really have any issues other than the 3-4 second freezes every time the game autosaved (and every time you interact with the weapons locker – this was a little annoying admittedly).

    I had one mission where I had to destroy and collect three components from the ‘Seekers’ but it wasn’t made clear what Seekers actually were and didn’t highlight them on the map or even show you which area on the map they were. A quick google search revealed that they were the flying drones. I just shot the first three I came across and was able to continue.

    Other than that, it was fine. I actually enjoyed it. Didn’t really notice any issues with the framerate either but I have heard others complain about it.

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