EU PS Store Update: 07/16/16 – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, SteamWorld Heist & More

The last store update before E3, and it’s the last of the major releases from what has been an insanely busy spring. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is (ironically) last out of the gate, and you should be sure to check out our written review and accompanying video review to see how the game shapes up.

But there’s plenty more to enjoy, depending on your preferred niche. Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daught might have its flaws, but Kris had a fairly enjoyable time with Holmes’ latest adventure, while SteamWorld Heist was one of the best reviewing Nintendo 3DS games ever, when it released late last year, and it’s now out on PS4 and PS Vita. Fans of JRPGs and wonderfully happy soundtracks should check out Atelier Sophie as well, while Dave said in his review that Hard Reset Redux will be great for those looking for a little more fast paced shooter action after Doom.


Oh, and don’t forget to pick up the latest batch of PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection games.

Without much further ado, the list of new additions to the store, courtesy of the EU PS Blog.



  • Grand Kingdom Trial
    8th June
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfrare Bundle
    9th June
  • Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator-
    10th June
  • PS Vita

    • SteamWorld Heist
      6th June
    • Atelier Sophie ~The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book~ with Bonus
      10th June

    PS4 DLC

    6th June

    World of Tanks 

    • The Motherland – Loaded Bundle

    8th June

    Goat Simulator

    • GoatZ
    • Goat MMO Simulator

    World of Tanks

    • 1 Million Silver Bundle
    • 24 Hours of Premium Account
    • Silver and Gold Starter Kit
    • Soviet Supply Drop Bundle

    SteamWorld Heist

    • The Outsider

    Minecraft: Story Mode

    • Episode 6: A Portal to Mystery

    PS Vita DLC

    8th June

    SteamWorld Heist

    • The Outsider

    Via EU PS Blog

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  1. Silly prices this week then?

    Hard Reset looked entertaining. $19.99 in the US, or £18.99 here. Allowing for that “UK prices include VAT, US prices don’t” thing, it should be about £2.50 cheaper here. So we get to pay 15% extra. Or wait for a sale.

    And 2 lots of Goat Stimulator DLC for £4.49 each, when 1 of them was a free upgrade for the PC version. I’ll let them get away with 50p more for GoatZ, PC stuff usually being cheaper. But infinitely more expensive for the Goat MMO DLC? For a game that’s basically just 1 silly, but mildly entertaining, joke? (Although it must be pointed out that there’s nothing entertaining about that flappy goat bit of the game!)

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