Rumour: Skyrim Remaster, The Evil Within 2 To Be Announced At E3

Euorgamer have suggested that a remastered version of the last gen hit, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, will be revealed at the Bethesda E3 presentation. This rumour has also popped up on a number of other sites from various sources so might just be true.

Back in March 2013 Bethesda said development ended on Skyrim but they did add the caveat that they “will never truly say goodbye to it.” The remaster is meant to include all the DLC and will include Mod support on consoles.

They also say The Evil Within 2 will be announced, the TSA staff were discussing the possibility of the sequel just last night as Tango Gameworks have done nothing since the original The Evil Within.

Wolfenstein 2 and Prey 2 are also rumoured to be on the cards.

Source: Eurogamer

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  1. I never did get into Skyrim like I did Oblivion.

    If they price it well and make sure it launches without any bugs, consider me sold. :D

    • Ha ha hahahahahhaha hahah ahhahha hahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha ahhahahha hahaha. You japester you, “launches without any bugs”, lols.

    • Bought it on 11.11.11…never played it…still have it…refuse to play it on PS3…still a buggy mess where you need to clean up after you and use a walkthrough to make sure you avoid X impacting on Y and destroying your chance of getting Z…

      I was oh so vocal on their forums when they release Skyrim…

      Be interesting to see what the PS4 version would be like…

  2. Morrowind would’ve been better. Skyrim remaster? Basically the PC high settings then, like most other remasters. Lazy.

  3. Please remaster skyrim, the witcher 3 left such a sour test, they could learn a thing or 2 on how to make a game just fun not design an entire city of boredom.

    Please release skyrim

    • ….Wow.

    • I haven’t played Skyrim but I know what you mean about the Witcher 3. Heard nothing but praise but I just couldn’t get into it.

  4. Wolfenstein 2, yes please!!

  5. Evil Within 2? I didnt think the first one had done THAT well?

  6. I doubt Skyrim Remastered will happen. Bethesda rarely revisits their past works and with Fallout 4 being their main focus, i doubt they have time to focus on it. That said, if they chucked it over to Bluepoint games, it could happen. But it may be more of a Zenimax(if i recall correctly, they own Bethesda) decision.

    Evil Within 2 has a lot of stuff to improve. Prey 2 will be cancelled at some point again.

  7. If they do release Skyrim on the PS4, I’d consider it as I never completed the game. I would, however, need a substantial discount for the money I lost buying it on the PS3. I traded it in after 6 months of not being able to play it, & I didn’t get back anywhere near the £40+ I spent on that piece of crap. Pity as I enjoyed the 1st 10 hours.

  8. Why were you unable to play it after 6 months? That sounds like a pretty hefty bug!

    • It had a bug that made the game basically unplayable on ps3 for about a year. The more you played the bigger the save file got, and this made the game stutter worse and worse as it went on. I’m guessing that’s the bug he had.

      • That was just the tip of the iceberg, but yes.

    • Awful frame rates, backwards flying dragons, constant crashing that most of the time required the ps3 to be hard powered off & then a full disk check/database rebuild. It was a shockingly badly made game on the 3.

  9. I’d consider a Skyrim remaster tbh.

    Held off buying it for ages on PS3 (not usually into wizardry & the like) & then when I did take a chance on it, I found I actually really enjoyed it. As usual though, something else came along & it got shelved before it finished it (or really got anywhere in it).

  10. It should be free on PS plus for all the trouble we had to go through just to play 5 minutes of it.

    • really? I had no issues apart from the occassional crash and lag. It won’t be free. Too much effort for no cash and well, this is a rumour. I am doubtful it will happen.

    • Agreed.

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