Everything We Now Know About Watch Dogs 2, Out On 15th November

Watch Dogs 2 is going to be a big part of Ubisoft’s E3, but they’ve broken cover early to give people an early look at the game before the big show in LA. The game’s coming out on November 15th this year, but the world premiere gave us a lot more insight into the game and what they’re trying to achieve with this sequel.

You can watch the video for yourself, or keep scrolling for everything we now know.


The Setting

From the Windy City of Chicago, Watch Dogs 2 is off to the sunny West Coast of America and the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s brighter and more colourful, for one thing, but more importantly for the game, this is Silicon Valley’s backyard, letting you go head to head with some of the biggest and most influential tech companies in the world.

Gangs, corporations and other hackers are all vying for control and power in this “Wild West” of technology.

The Characters

Aiden Pearce might have left Chicago at the end of the first game, but if he appears in the San Fran, it won’t be as the protagonist. That honour goes to Marcus Holloway, a strikingly different character. He’s an African American from Oakland, and the game draws upon themes from the real world, as he kicks back at the government system for profiling him based off his background.

He’s tech savvy – well, he knows how to work a phone as well as Aiden did – but he’s also very athletic, and can run around the world with a flamboyant style of parkour. Beyond that, he’s also good in a fight, with an interesting home made weapon that consists of a billiard ball on a woven length of string, that again allows him to be fast and agile.

He’s also part of the Dedsec hacktivist group, and these will provide a bunch of the characters in the game, looking to uncover injustices in the world, but with a carefree and playful attitude to it all. Sure, they might be exposing major crimes and fraud, but they’ll have fun while doing so.

The Hacking

Speaking of the hacking, this has gone a step further than in the original, as well. You can now hack every single character you can see in the game, potentially making their phone ring to cause a distraction, or making the phones of everyone in sight ring for something a little more flamboyant.

On top of that, every single car in the game is hackable, and this lets your drive them all around remotely, a little like James Bond did, back in the day. Hopping into a car or onto a bike in person, there’s overhauled driving physics, which should make things a bit more fun and interesting.

Of course, ctOS 2.0 is just as porous as it was in the original game, so there’ll be tons and tons of world objects that you can manipulate as well.

The Gadgets

Hacking is all well and good, but sometimes you’ll need something physical to back it up. You can make use of the latest in 3D printing technology to simply print out a new gun, for example, or take a stealthier approach with a taser – you can use combat, pure stealth and pure hacking to complete most objectives – and there’ll be plenty more crafted items. The reveal showed attacking an IED to a car bumper, then taking control of it and driving it into enemies before exploding, for example.

Marcus also has a few other toys, such as an “RC Jumper” which can drive around the world and interact with a number of things, potentially taking a screwdriver to a door terminal, and he’s also got a quadrocopter handy, which you can fly around from the first person.

The Online

Online play in the original game was largely antagonistic and opt in, but it seems as though a new seamless online mode for Watch Dogs 2 will be a little bit more cooperative, as it was in the original’s DLC.

You might spot another player in your world, and can simply wander up and say hello, before setting up an impromptu co-op team. How far the co-op extends, Ubisoft have yet to say, but fingers crossed this means you can tackle all of the story missions with friends, and aren’t just restricted to side missions.

Expect to see and hear plenty more about Watch Dogs 2 from E3 next week, but in the meantime, here’s that reveal trailer once more, disappointing song lyrics and all. You know, now that it’s all official!

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  1. It sounds like it’s going to be what the first game should’ve been.

  2. All officially official!

  3. So far, it looks far better then the original and the Dedsec angle already gives it more potential. I can see Marcus being far better then Aiden and whilst Aiden may appear, i can see him being taken out due to the events of the first game.

    Does seem to be what WD1 should have been but oh well. Hopefully, the hacking system has been majorly overhauled, fun and not press x to make stuff happen.

  4. Worst thing about first one was the soundtrack (or lack thereof). Hopefully this one has proper radio stations. Chicago has such a rich history of music, it was a real missed opportunity.

    • It had a wonderful soundtrack!

      It had such classics as….


      Along with it’s epic theme which was called…..

      such, is the epicness of the song that it is amongst the likes of TES, Metal Gear, Final fantasy!

      (Yes, this is sarcasm. What? I am a last gen scumbag thus am entitled to be sarcastic for no reason)

      • Careful now. You’re cynicism will make you end up like YD… :P

      • This comment used to be good. Until the damn reboot. They had to include trophies, microtransactions, DLC within DLC, the PG Tips Monkey and removed the porn aspects. Back in my day, we would get the comment and porn. No wonder commenting is going down the drain in favour of Icomments. Well, Ibuggeroff if this continues. Yes, I am being an ass. I earnt it. :P

  5. Amazed this got a sequel tbh. I’ll give it a miss methinks.

    • Really? It sold millions upon its release, making the biggest new IP launch of all time (at the time, anyway).

  6. Watch Dogs was a good game, just that initial E3 trailer hyped it up way too much only to be let down.

  7. Also, odds on this actually releasing 2017?

  8. From the steam page:
    “Welcome to San Francisco. Play as Marcus, a brilliant young hacker, and join the most notorious hacker group, DedSec. Your objective: execute the biggest hack of history.”

    So cringeworthy.
    Something I would have liked when I was 11

  9. Trailer looks pretty good – Initially i thought they were fobbing us off with live-action footage. Hopefully the console version matches that.

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