When & Where: Your E3 Press Conference Cheat Sheet

While there’s been plenty of talk about publishers pulling out of E3 itself this year, that’s certainly not deterred anyone from hosting a press conference and associated live stream. There’s seven different events being held this time, stretching from EA on Sunday the 12th of June all the way through to Nintendo on Wednesday the 15th.

With all of that taking place, you could probably do with a quick run down of what’s happening at this year’s E3 and how you can watch it.

Though each company are hosting their own streams, YouTube Gaming will be hosting a dedicated E3 gaming hub here where you’ll be able to watch all of the press conferences and more.

EA Play – June 12th 9PM BST/10PM CEST/1PM PST

Stream: EA

With EA breaking away from the E3 machine this year, they’re now the first publisher to show their hand. They’ll be streaming the conference over here and, interestingly, it looks like they’ll be splitting the conference between their Play events in LA and London, with CEO Andrew Wilson hosting the LA event, while Peter Moore will be on hand in London.

In terms of what to expect, they’ll obviously have their annual run down of sports titles, as well as plenty of news from Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2. Beyond that it’s hard to say, although hopefully news of Mass Effect: Andromeda and their next Star Wars title will arrive.

Bethesda – June 13th 3AM BST/4AM CEST/June 12th 7PM PST

Stream: Twitch

We’ve had some rumours about the content of Bethesda’s E3 show this year, although it still feels like the most unknown of this year’s press conferences. This is only the second year that Bethesda have run their own E3 event, but they’ve certainly got the potential to produce something to please their fans.

Microsoft – June 13th 5:30PM BST/6:30PM CEST/9:30AM PST

Stream: Microsoft

As with most years, we can expect Microsoft to do their best to make a big splash at this year’s E3. In terms of their big franchises, we’ll likely see more of Gears of War 4, which first appeared at last year’s show, as well as Halo Wars 2. We may see Forza Horizon 3 too, allowing Microsoft to continue their trend of bringing extremely expensive cars onto the stage of their E3 shows.

PC Gaming Show – June 13th 7:30PM BST/8:30PM CEST/11:30AM EST

Stream: Twitch | YouTube

Much like Bethesda, this is only the second year for the PC Gaming Show, which is a much broader show than any of the other events going on. Run by PC Gamer, the PC Gaming Show aims to highlight as much of PC gaming as they can, and they’ve put out a fairly detailed rundown of who’ll be showing off games or technology during the show.

Ubisoft – June 13th 9PM BST/10PM CEST/1PM PST

Stream: Ubisoft

Ubisoft is always the most unusual conference every year, known for a high energy hosting style and unexpected breaks for dancing or laser tag. Aisha Tyler will be returning for the fifth year in a row as the show’s host, a role that she’s really made her own.

With Watch Dogs 2 now already revealed, we can expect to see that at this year’s show, alongside Ghost Recon Wildlands, For Honor, and more. Of course, Ubisoft have become known for their surprises at the end of the show, but with Watch Dogs 2 already out there, will they manage to have something new to show off again this year? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Sony – June 14th 2AM BST/3AM CEST/6PM PST

Stream: Sony | Twitch | YouTube | PS4 Live Events Viewer App

Alongside Microsoft, Sony are one of the two big hitters for this year’s E3. As per usual, we can expect an absolutely mammoth conference, with those of us watching it in the middle of the night reaching delirium by the end. Beyond that, it seems probable that PSVR will make up a good portion of the show, while the recently delayed No Man’s Sky may well get the spotlight shone on it again.

The Last Guardian is likely to show up again, and we may get an update on Shenmue III, although the game isn’t releasing until late next year at present. Of course The Last Guardian and Shenmue III, alongside the Final Fantasy VII remake, made up the big surprises at last years E3, which does have everyone wondering if Sony have got another few shocks up their sleeve for this year.

Nintendo – June 14th 5PM BST/6PM CEST/9AM PST | June 15th 6PM BST/7PM CEST/10AM PST

Stream: Nintendo

Nintendo are eschewing their usual Digital Direct this year, and are instead giving us two days of streams from Nintendo Treehouse. Pokémon Sun and Moon, and the new Legend of Zelda title are the focuses for the 14th of June, while it looks like they’ll be showing Monster Hunter Generation, Dragon Quest VII and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE on the 15th.



  1. I wish Sony would move their press conferenc to a time that would suit Europe. 3am is just a bit too late.

    • Aye, sucks to be us :(

    • Shame they dont do their schedule maintenance at that time, no that takes place at 8pm.

      If EA are not at E3 this year, why are they listed here on the E3 scheduled. Im confused?

      • They’re holding a show as usual, but at a different venue and the day before E3 officially starts.

    • Agreed. I’ve watched it several years in a row, and it always sucks basically seeing the sun come up at the end of it. Thankfully I’ve got the whole week off!

      I’m not even going to bother trying to watch Bethesda though. I wouldn’t be able to watch Sony if I did.

  2. I booked Tuesday off, because i knew i would stay up for it anyway no matter how late it’s on and work would have suffered as a result! ;)
    Hopefully there are still some surprises left..

  3. The Lamborghini Centario should be there to debut Forza Horizon 3 which should be rather flash.

    Curious to see if Sony bring out any real gems in terms of surprise games.

    Oh and then there’s the whole scorpio/neo paraphernalia, that will be interesting stuff.

    • FH3? Hope so!

      • A bit of a presumption on my part I think as it hasn’t been confirmed. The Lambo will the signature car though, so there’s definitely something in the works!

  4. I’m pinning my E3 bingo on there being both female and male streakers during the Ubisoft presentation to distract everyone from the downgraded graphics on their next new title.

    • Is streaking a thing in America? Have they heard of it? I bet they call it something like “super nude sprints”.

    • Super nude sprints…must be where that old song comes from..

      We had joy , we had fun, we had streakers in the sun,
      but the joy didn’t last ‘cos the streakers ran too fast. ;)

    • Streaking is massive in America, they have the Super Streaker Galactic World Series of the Universe. Though you have to be a US citizen to enter.

  5. I watched the reveal of the PS4 controller a couple of years ago, not sure I can be bothered with staying up for anything this year, maybe I’ll watch Sony again when the next gen is due. It’s a shame that E3 has broken up a bit, hopefully the format can change in the future to grab attention back. I guess TSA are giving it a miss again?

  6. No PS4 Neo at E3! Andrew House revealed to the Financial Times
    “more expensive than the current $350 model”
    Sony instead waiting to “ensure we have a full range of the best experiences on the new system that we can showcase in their entirety,” House says.

  7. times like these, i really wish i liked coffee. o_O

  8. Will catch it all on TSA :-)

    Times are a little off.

    Reckon we’ll see another classic remaster thrown into the mix.

    I’m calling Resistance. Would love a new Onimusha too.

    God of War, NFS, something from Kojima. As always, exciting times :-)

    • Resistance Trilogy that is.

  9. I remember trying to stay up and make it stream on PlayStation Home….ah those were the days. Got little ones so will probably try and watch it in the morning, at least parts of it. Fingers crossed for some good reveals.

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