Community Chronicle: 12/06/16

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’re well aware that E3 2016 is just about to get underway. Tonight is the turn of EA and Bethesda to try and wow us all, but tomorrow and in the early hours of Tuesday morning is when the fireworks really go off, as Microsoft and Sony take to their respective stages.

We already have a fairly decent idea of what they’ll show… so why not try your hand at the annual E3 Bingo?


A lot of people would have been expecting to see the unveiling of the PlayStation 4 “Neo” hardware at E3, but that’s not going to happen, it turns out. PlayStation boss Andrew House revealed that a “high-end PS4” is on the way, but stated quite simply that it would not be at E3, as well as assuring that it would not make the original console defunct.

“Smart move in my book,” said Tomhlord. “They would have had to explain what each game trailer/reveal looks and runs like on both all the way through the conference. Much to work on when it comes to messaging.”

Avenger said, “This is what I want personally. Both companies to have these neo/scorpio projects to ‘complement’ the consoles rather than supersede them. If Microsoft don’t understand this element, and don’t find a way to pull of the regular upgrade system (if that’s their plan) then it will be a massive facepalm for MS.”

I can imagine Bukatron’s wry smile, as they wrote, “Nice try Mr House, trying hard to throw us all off the scent. I reckon it’ll be the last thing they show, along with a trailer for The Last of Us 2 running on it. One can hope.”

One can hope, indeed…

With so many leaks springing in publishers’ E3 plans, Ubisoft had an actual announcement to make in the run up to their press conference, as they revealed a lot of details about Watch Dogs 2.

Right out of the gate, Camdaz said, “It sounds like it’s going to be what the first game should’ve been.” While mclarenrob2 thought that “Watch Dogs was a good game, just that initial E3 trailer hyped it up way too much only to be let down.”

However, TheShepanator was put off by the game’s Steam page, which reads “Welcome to San Francisco. Play as Marcus, a brilliant young hacker, and join the most notorious hacker group, DedSec. Your objective: execute the biggest hack of history.”

Shep saw that and said, “So cringeworthy. Something I would have liked when I was 11.”

Meanwhile, leeroye has simply tired of Ubisoft’s open world structure. He wrote:

They really need to come up with a new map/objective design for open world games. The way open world works Ubi games is getting boring now – a fact I realised with playing AC Syndicate. All their open worlds function the same, just with a different skin depending on the IP.

What did you think of the Watch Dogs 2 reveal?

Microsoft did score a (minor) own goal this week though, as they admitted that the plans for Xbox One DVR functionality has been put on hold.

Dom said, “The data has probably revealed that the number of people watching television through their X1 was incredibly low. It’s much better to focus on something that’ll appeal to a wide audience.”

And Starman added, “Good point. Out of my 50+ friends on Xbox, there’s literally only one who I see using it for TV about once a week. Xbox on is game time.”

But hornet1990 replied, “A bit at odds though with their stated aim of being at the centre of the living room experience tho. I mean, as a percentage of all owners of any given car, how many use the cup holders in the back? I bet that is single digit figures but you don’t see the manufacturers not putting them in. Just because a feature isn’t useful for the majority doesn’t mean it’s useless for everybody…”

Of course, it was a ripe opportunity to take a few digs at the company. Stefhutch20 joked that “it’s almost as if Microsoft and the UK government are having a competition to see who can perform the most U-turns.”


Another quiet week for achievements, and we’ll get going with DividSmythe, who grabbed the platinum trophy for PES 2016 and Nubla, the latter of which he couldn’t believe was so easy.

TSBonyman completed Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and has moved on to Among Thieves, while hornet1990 has rounded off the series by completing Uncharted 4. “Not quite the second coming some would have you believe but a good, solid enjoyable game,” he said before criticising the final boss fight – it’s truly terrible.

But we round things off with Avenger, whose sole achievement was in being picked to play the F1 2016 beta. It’s already “been played away more than the full 2015 game,” he said…

Read into that what you will.

The trophy leaderboards are on a hiatus at the moment, so after a rather brief Chronicle, all that’s left to do is bid you farewell for another week.

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