Bethesda Delve Into Dishonored 2’s World, Powers And Flexibility

Harvey Smith from Arkane Studios got to spend a lot of time on stage revealing gameplay from Dishonored 2 during the Bethesda’s E3 press conference – probably a bit too long, to be honest – but that’s somewhat fitting, given the slow and considered nature of Dishonored’s stealth gameplay.


Unlike the original, which ran on Unreal Engine 3, Dishonored 2 is built on a custom game engine, the Void Engine, designed to bring the series’ painterly art style and the world’s rich atmosphere to life.

The gameplay demo featured Emily and her entirely new abilities, but you can play through the game with Corvo from the original and enhanced versions of his supernatural abilities. Emily’s have a different feel, though, with a little more deception and trickery. Her Far Reach ability lets her grab objects and enemies and pull them around the world – while Mesmerise sends enemies into a stupor and addles their minds and memories. Domino very cleverly links characters together so that they all share the same fate of one – handy for killing several guards at once – while the Shadow Walk turns Emily into a smoke monster. All of these abilities can be upgraded in different ways.

But the game has other neat tricks up its sleeve, such as a ruined mansion that The Outsider sends you to. Heading inside, your powers are stripped away, but the mansion is home to a rift in time that lets you hop back and forth, from its currently ruinous state to its opulent, heavily guarded past. It’s a nice little idea, and should make for a refreshing change of pace.

Beyond gameplay, Bethesda announced that there will be a Dishonored 2 Collector’s Edition, featuring a replica of Corvo’s mask and Emily’s ring, while anyone who pre-orders any version of the game for a short time will receive a copy of Dishonored’s HD remaster.

Dishonored 2 is out on 11th November 2016 for PS4, XBO and PC.


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  1. Looks fantastic, i really enjoyed the first game so i’m looking forward to this.

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