[UPDATE] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Announced

The rumours were true, soon you will be able to Fus-Do-Ra and take an arrow to your knee on your Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as Bethesda have announced the Skyrim special edition. Along with the updated graphics it will also include mods, and presumably all the DLC.

UPDATE: The game will also be coming to PC, if you already own the Legendary Edition of the game or all of its DLC will be able to upgrade to the Special Edition for free.

UPDATE 2: Mmm, shiny new screens!

Source: YouTube

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  1. meh, the pc version with mods still looks better

    • Big a of a useless comment if you don’t mind me being so blunt. This is for everyone to enjoy. Not the sliver of folk that have high-end rigs, etc.

  2. No highlighted improvements to character models? So, just PC textures then.

    Ehhh… Maybe I’ll get it. I have it on PC, but never played it as much as I would have liked. And the PS4/Xbone is more capable than my laptop. I guess it comes down to, will it have a Neo mode? :-P

  3. Sweeet, cannot wait. Loved Skyrim but I buy DLC for no game what so ever so looking forward to playing the DLC

  4. That’s a bit shit. I mean, I love Skyrim but did it really need a remaster? Not really and well, you’re best off getting the PC version and i doubt anyone is going to upgrade from legendary to special as well, a lot of graphical mods will make it exceed what the special edition has to offer.

  5. mod support is the big selling point for me.
    i probably wouldn’t bother with a remaster with just slightly better graphics, but add in mods, that has me interested.

    can’t wait to see the Macho man, ooh yeah, dragons on my PS4, and the Macho Man deathclaws in Fallout 4 on PS4, if Bethesda will make with the bloody mods already.

  6. Absolutely hammered Skyrim but never got the dlc. Can’t wait to start all over again with another class. Or will I just be a nord warrior all over again?!

  7. Just realized that I have all the DLC for the PC version, didn’t think I did. The only problem is that I think my PC may struggle (or not be able to at all) to get the best out of it. Going to be hard to resist the PS4 version.

  8. I didnt play as much of skyrim as i would have liked due to all the glitches in the PS3 version. I will likely take another look at this, especially with all the dlc.

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