PlayStation VR Aim Controller Revealed

One of the games that was announced for PlayStation VR last night was Farpoint, currently in development at Impulse Gear. The plot of the game has you exploring an unknown planet that holds danger. Due to this the character is carrying a gun, and to make it a comfortable experience Impulse Gear worked with Sony to create the PlayStation VR Aim Controller.


The controller will have 1 to 1 tracking but a price is yet to be confirmed for the controller.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Any other VR shooters to take advantage of it?

  2. No doubt we will see a whole raft of useless VR attachements. This thing reminds me of that move gun controller for Killzone. Apparently it was so crap they included an auto aim option in the game for anyone using it.

    • Let’s hope that technology inside has moved with the times and it works as it should. I doubt that I’ll be getting one though.

      • Same tech inside as the standard Move set would be my guess but the PS4 camera should provide the improvement over the PS3 version.

        Speaking of ‘raft’ of VR attachments.. there was actually an inflatable raft for Kinect.

        I guess we’ll have to wait and see how ‘vital’ this accessory is going to be for VR vs pointing with a Move controller.

  3. Hmm, not sure about this, it looks quite big and there’s only one analogue stick, I would’ve though that they’d whack two on there for versatility, like that orange Time Crisis gun. Maybe the just got a job lot of spare handles from disabled loos.

    • I guess aiming is done by motion though so only 1 stick required?

      • You’re probably right, I’ve always though the edge-of-screen turning is so clumsy though and two sticks plus a pink glowy ball offers so much more opportunity than one.

  4. If you tilt your head slightly to the left, it kind of looks like Rudolf without the antlers.

    I want one!

  5. No ta, I’ll still only be using a DS4 for VR games. I hope.

  6. I hope it’ll see a lot of support, or there’s no point in buying one.

    I’ve got a couple move controllers, a pair of navigation ones that you hold in the other hand, and the PS4 camera. But I think I’ll get the Neo first, and hold off on PS-VR until next year. I wish there was an HMD that worked on both PS and Xbox… :-/ Don’t want to buy two, so I’ll wait and see what MS has up their sleeve.

  7. I really enjoyed the trailer for Farpoint… And I love the look of this controller. I already have Move Controllers (and gun adapters that they slot into)… I also have the Move Nun-chuck thing, so I’m guessing I won’t need this controller.

    But… If they released it in Black – I might want it anyway.

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