PlayStation VR Launches On October 13th

One thing Sony didn’t reveal back at their PS VR showcase earlier this year was the actual date of its release. Now we know that it’s out on October 13th in America and Europe – it might be a worldwide release, but we’ll confirm that when we can.

The $399 price is the same as before for the headset, but requires that you have a PS Camera and optional PlayStation Move controllers.

Sony say that more than 50 games will available for the system by the end of the year.

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  1. I some how missed the “and Europe” bit even though I was watching. Glad to see we don’t have to wait longer than the USA.

  2. I hope they don’t Sony it and they actually support it properly and have a good flow of releases coming to the hardware. I’m assuming it’ll be about £350 here which isn’t cheap..if they do the same they did with the Vita it’ll leave a lot of people angry.

  3. Getting excited for it…

  4. Do you remember the PS new “PS Camera” released along with the PS4 and how well supported it’s been? Nope, me neither.
    I’m going to be sat on the sidelines for quite a while on the this Virtual Reality headset fad. Let’s see whether it lasts or develops, or simply fades out like the 3D TV fad.

    • Remember the Kinect 2.0? The new XB1s doesn’t have the special port for it.( Microsoft will offer a free USB adapter to XB1 owners who upgrade).
      Like you, i intend holding out for a bit to see how things develop. The only thing is a friend of mine is planning on day one purchase so i should get a pretty decent hands-on without relying on a shop demo. And that might tempt me to jump aboard the VR wagon sooner.

  5. they never mentioned Europe, in fact they specified north america.

    i’m calling it now, Europe will not get this on the 13th of October.
    in fact, i reckon we’ll be lucky if we even get it this year.

    did any other release date announcements specify north america?
    i don’t think they did.

  6. ;-) I sadly do remember PS3 Eyetoy and how well that was supported, how Move was shown alongside PS2 Eyetoy and only dragged out to combat Wii and Kinect…

    Also how PSP was to get Resident Evil, Vita Bishock etc.

    Promised support is one thing and if games for PS VR really do need Neo to be worthy VR games, Sony has a long road ahead of it, especially now MS dropped the Scorpio hype bomb in Sony’s lap.

  7. Shopto reckons it’ll be realeased in the U.K. on 13th October.
    The headset (or faceset, or whatever) is up for £349.85.
    Or with a camera for £389.86.
    However, I’m not really interested in it.

    • Shopto reckons it’ll be released in the U.K. on 13th October.
      The headset (or faceset, or whatever) is up for £349.85.
      Or with a camera for £389.86.
      However, I’m not really interested in it.

      • Smeg’s sake. I only wanted to edit it. Maybe someone can delete the first one.
        And, then, erm, this one.

  8. The very existence of upgraded consoles creates doubt in my mind on the performance of VR titles on base PS4. Also VR won’t be coming to basic Xbox Ones at all, am I right?

  9. So glad I preordered VR :-)

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