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Pixelnest Announces Steredenn Will Be Coming To PS4 On June 28th

Pixelnest has confirmed that its roguelike space shooter Pixelnest will be available on PS4 from June 28th. The game has already been released on Xbox One and PC. The studio has stated that the game is essentially endless due to its roguelike nature, with levels featuring events like asteroid fields, laser mazes, and meteor showers all appearing out of nowhere.

When you defeat bosses you can upgrade the ship to help battle against the enemies and elements of the universe.

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  1. There must be people out there who want games that look like this, but I’m yet to encounter one.

    I’m 28, and this is what games looked like when I was a young kid. If you went back in time, brought young Dave to 2016 and sat him in front of this kind of game, he’d probably be very underwhelmed at the “progress” of gaming.

  2. This game looks to me as old age one. They are not interested in changing any feature from this game. When I played this game it is like 20 years old game I am playing. Kid`s don`t like this kind game to play in their ps4 or Xbox according to custom writing paper surveys. Very old fashioned game with old features in it.

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