Monster Hunter Generations Demo Releases This Month

Those wanting an early hands-on with the latest Monster Hunter can download a demo via the Nintendo eShop, available on June 30th. Aside from letting players sample its 14 unique weapon types, the preview will showcase new features such as Prowler Mode as well as Hunter Arts.

For those fans who simply can’t wait, the latest Humble Bundle includes an early access code for anyone that pays $4 (£2.82).

At E3 Nintendo also showed off some new footage, carting out an evolved tier of enemy in the form of Deviant Monsters. These are basically reworked versions of the series’ most iconic beasts including the Rathalos and Tigrex, now imbued with additional abilities.

Monster Hunter Generations launches on July 15th, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS.

Source: Capcom Blog

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  1. If you’re signed up to receive the My Nintendo newsletter you should receive a link to download the demo now. I got the email this morning.
    I’m a late convert to the series having jumped on at MH4 but I’m looking forward to see if there are big improvements and additions in Generations.

    • hey dude, im a huge monster hunter fan and im really desperate here. I REALLY NEED A DEMO CODE IM ON MY KNEES BEGGING.

      Do you have a spare one please?

      • You could just sign up to the Nintendo Newsletter he mentioned and get the code that way. Begging for it on here won’t really get you anything.

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