There’s No More Waiting When Mario Party: Star Rush Hits 3DS This October

You know the worst thing about turn-based games? All the time spent not playing the game, because it’s someone else’s turn. Mario Party: Star Rush will banish that waiting time, when it arrives for 3DS on October 7th in Europe and November 4th in North America.


Everyone takes their turns at the same time in Mario Party: Star Rush, as you run around gathering up stars from mini games and recruiting characters to your team. A nice touch for any party game such as this is that you’ll only need a single copy of the game to play multiplayer, with Download Play letting others join in even without owning the game.

To see it in action, there’s a nice long demo from Nintendo’s E3 Treehouse.

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  1. It looked very different from previous games in the series, and that’s enough to make me want to play it.

    I’d prefer it to follow the original formula of 1-4, but at least it seems more interesting than Island Tour, 9 and 10.

    I wonder what the next home-console version will be like. Would be interesting if they built on this formula.

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