Podcast: E3 2016 Special

Do you feel like you missed something from this week’s press conferences? Well never fear, Tuffcub, Tef and I have got you covered, as the podcast briefly breaks its hiatus so we can talk about this year’s E3. Between the three of us we manage to break down everything from EA, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Microsoft and Sony.

It does end up as a fairly hefty podcast in length terms, but with so many games to take a look at, as well as Microsoft’s new hardware announcements, there was just an awful lot to discuss. We go all the way from Tef’s time at EA Play in London on Sunday to the general sleep deprived hysteria that comes with covering Sony’s conference on Tuesday morning. We did, however, not cover the PC Conference or Nintendo’s live streaming affair, so apologies if that’s what you’ve come here for.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Tell us about UbiTuff, Soft Cub! :P

  2. Ooo,missed you, had to listen to that American xoxo thing, it’s not the same. Can’t wait to pop this in the car for my Monday morning drive

  3. I almost missed this in the E3 news deluge. Thanks Kris, looking forward to having a listen.

  4. Thanks guys, it was great to hear from you again ^^ For me E3 was great, especially the Sony conference as it had most surprises and no new console – yay!
    I’m a bit surprised you did not say a word about how bad the FFXV demo was and how mind blowing Kojima’s thing was.
    Also, South Park rocked xD

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